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Bettas, or Siamese fighting fish, are beautiful and fairly easy to care for. If you are new to raising bettas, it is essential to learn how often and how much to feed them. Over- or underfeeding can significantly affect the well-being of your fish. It can also pollute your tank water, leading to serious illness in your fish.

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If you are only 9 years old yet smart enough to write this post then it shows you are smart enough to ask your mom or dad to get you a good betta book so that you can take the very best of care for your fish by reading it well. Then if you have any questions you can always ask someone. But if you do that make sure they know what they are talking about. Stay away from Petco and Walmart and stores like that because even though they sell fish they really don't know much about them and only care about the money each fish can bring them. In fact, I would not buy ANY fish from them. Here is a picture of one of my fish from Ebay-{here you will also need to know who you are dealing with}. As he got older the blue spread out into his fins. This fish is known as a Over Half Moon or OHM Rosetail. These types of fish need extra care. They definitely need a beta hammock, nothing sharp in the tank, and space to move around in. All betta with similar fins need this. I do water changes like this: every 2 to 3 days I do partial changes up to 50% of the water. When I do this I siphon all the poopy off the bottom. I then fill the tank back up WITH SAME TEMPERATURE water using Betta Ultimate water conditioner. Now, you may only be 9 but I believe you can take of your little friend the right way. But it is up to you to learn how. Okay?

How much is a female or male Betta fish

How much do Betta fish cost at petco or petsmart? | Yahoo Answers Did you know that a betta’s stomach is roughly the size of it’s eye? That comparison is really good to keep in mind when its feeding time. Over feeding your betta fish is never good in any situation. Most bettas actually do know when too much is too much though, and will stop eating when full. However, this is not always the case, and can vary between feedings of the same betta.

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Bettas are popular for small aquariums, but how much do you really know about these fantastic fish? Learning more about betta fish can help you decide they are right for you.About BettasBetta fish () are also called Siamese fighting fish for their native range and aggressive nature. Originally native to the Mekong River and its tributaries throughout Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, these fish are adaptable and also live in rice paddies and drainage ditches. They can be invasive species that threaten native fish in other areas, however, and are not generally welcome in wild habitats outside their range.These fish are highly aggressive, and males will fight one another, often to the death. Even females can be aggressive, though they are usually more social than males. In a community aquarium, bettas will attack other brightly colored or flamboyant fish, but get along better with plainer, less colorful species.Adult bettas grow to 2-3 inches long, not including the length of their fancy, flowing fins. Males have far more elaborate fins than females, and captive bettas have been bred to produce fins in a wide variety of shapes. Wild bettas have smaller fins and are generally dull, camouflaged shades of gray, brown or green, but captive bettas can be found in a rainbow of colors, including turquoise, orange, red, green, blue, gold, purple, yellow and copper, or combinations of those colors.Bettas can breathe air or get oxygen through their gills, making them a good fish for less active tanks. With proper care, these fish can live 3-5 years.Tips for Your BettaIf you want to adopt a betta or add a betta fish to your aquarium, it is important to provide proper care for the fish so it is as comfortable and healthy as possible.Bettas can be beautiful fish to own, and understanding these fish and their unique behavior and needs can help you provide the best possible habitat for your betta to thrive.

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