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Horizon Legacy Fish Grain Free Dry Dog Food is a grain free dog food that contains only fresh, human grade meats along with yummy fruits, vegetables, unique botanicals and supplements to help build a health immune system. This formula is potato and Chicken free for those dogs with sensitive food allergies. There are added pre a...

Horizon Legacy Fish Dog Food

Of those, I think the Horizon Legacy Fish and Zignature Trout & Salmon would be my first choices. And not only do they both have excellent amounts of Omega 3 (and Omega 3 to 6 ratio) from exclusively wild caught fish, and the Omega 3 is not derived from plant oils (which are unlikely to be absorbed), both are ethoxyquin-free.

Horizon Group USA Horizon Legacy Fish - 25Lb.

The calcium level for the Horizon Legacy Fish is right on the bag – 1.35% – which I think is around the safe upper limit for large breed dogs? My 1 1/2 yr old English springer spaniel loves Horizon Legacy. I had him on the puppy formula the first year and since have switched him back and forth between the legacy fish and chicken formulas. Stools are always firm. Great company!

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FYI your list of recipes is wrong. There are no “Legacy Complete”. Complete is another line made by Horizon that contains grains. Legacy is only available in a puppy, adult and fish formula and it’s all grain free.

Horizon- Legacy Fish Dry Dog Food.

When it comes to pet food, they offer four different product lines: Pulsar, Horizon Amicus, Legacy, and Complete. The Pulsar line of pet food products is grain-free, made with a single source of protein plus digestible carbohydrates like peas and red lentils. There are three different flavor choices in the Pulsar line – chicken, fish, and turkey – and all three recipes offer a 66% animal protein inclusion rate. The Amicus line of products is specifically designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of mini and small-breed dogs. These products offer a 76% animal protein inclusion rate to meet the high-protein and high-energy needs of smaller dogs. Amicus food comes in three grain-free formulas – one for puppies, one for adult dogs, and one for senior dogs and weight management. These formulas feature quality ingredients like fresh turkey, chicken meal, red lentils, and green peas.Ingredients: Horizon Legacy starts with a fantastic foundation of meat protein from either chicken or fish. Fiber and very minimal carbs come from peas and pea starch, while very high levels of essential omega fatty acids come from salmon oil, flaxseed and egg. Legacy includes a lot of unique and antioxidant rich fruits and veggies including bok choy, pineapple, apples and broccoli, as well as both probiotics and prebiotics for extra digestive support. This food contains yucca, helpful with allergies, skin and coat, and glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support. Horizon also includes a ‘custom blend’ of special enzymes that help with nutrient absorption, digestion, immunity and detoxification and purification.