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Hey Bhat. Did you mean arowana fish? If so, it is auspicious mostly seen in business settings instead of the home. From what I know, that fish is quite expensive and illegal in some countries. Before putting in big bucks into it, I’d suggest you try to place the aquarium somewhere else if possible!

Furthermore, there’re some really awesome benefits of keeping a fish aquarium at home.

I am constructing a new house. My lot faces west, so i am placing my front door facing northwest instead of entirely west. Before reaching the front door i am placing a koi pond with a fountain. Upon entering the front door, i intend to put on the righthand side my living room and my very large saltwater tank. My tank will contain saltwater sharks, among other fishes. Across this area is my dining room and kitchen area. Please note that my tank is actually on the west side facing my kitchen.
1. Is my tank placement okay? Or would it be better off someplace else? Would it be better to exchange it with my kitchen area so that the tank would sit in the east side and my kitchen on the west?
2. Any fengshui tips about saltwater sharks– are they bad fengshui for a home? My tank is way too big for just goldfishes. It would fit probably 200 goldfishes actually.
3. Is it bad fengshui if the tank faces directly the kitchen? I am hoping it is not since the tank is not inside the kitchen anyway.
4. I have a pond outside my front door, a very large saltwater tank inside the house frontng my living room, and a swimming pool outisde the backyard. Is this too much water feature already? My animal sign is a water rat which probably explains my penchant and addiction to aquarium pets.
5. This one is just out of curiousity– a friend once told me not to place an aquarium facing a window as this would encourage infidelity in my marriage. I do have a family with 3 kids. Does this fengshui tip have any basis, or at least is my friend’s advise correct?
I hope you can respond quickly.
Thank you in advance!

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If you've ever walked into a home with a beautiful wall fish tank, you know that these awesome aquariums can really liven up a room. They may seem dull in the fish store, but if you give them the proper care at home, they can become quite colorful (especially the females). I suggest getting one male and one female so you can observe their unique parenting habits. It is easy to distinguish males from females. The males are duller and longer while the females are more compact with a red or pink belly. If you put an overturned flowerpot or other cave in the aquarium, I am sure your kribs will soon lay eggs. You can then experience their awesome mating coloration of intense reds and purples and even more awesome parenting instincts. The male and the female will guard the eggs vigorously. Once the fry (baby fish) hatch, both the male and the female will take care of their young. Once the fry start to swim, you can see the parents herd their offspring around the tank. It is truly an amazing sight to behold! I do suggest keeping them with faster moving species that are able to outrun their aggressive behavior during breeding. Species such as angelfish and bettas would be pick on quite frequently. Also, they are best kept in larger community aquariums of 30 gallons or larger if you plan on keeping them with other fish. Otherwise, they can get territorial like any other cichlid.

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The oscar is a common choice for people looking for a large predatory fish. It is a member of the cichlid family known for their big personalities and aggressive nature. Many people enjoy watching their oscar make a meal of the poor feeder fish that swim too close. It's hard to resist the big eyes of a baby oscar begging you to take him home, but they make a poor beginner fish for several reasons. First of all, they require a larger aquarium than most are willing to start with. oscars can grow to be up to eighteen inches in length, and they have a large body mass. The minimum would be a 55 gallon for a single adult oscar, but even that is pushing it. You would have to be meticulous in doing large weekly water changes and have no other fish in the aquarium. Because of it's size and messiness, the oscar really should be kept in 75 gallon tanks or higher.

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