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It's a good idea to have in mind what kind of freshwater aquarium fish you want to keep in your freshwater aquarium setup before you purchase an aquarium. Some fish only grow to be an inch or two, whereas other types of tropical fish can grow 12 or 13 inches or more in length! Knowing what kind of fish you want will help you decide the size of the tank they will need. If this is your first time with an aquarium, it may be a good idea to start with a 10 or 20 gallon aquarium setup for now and stock it with some smaller and hardier species.

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Choosing fish for your can be hard. Fish are usually not what they seem, and you should never pick a fish just based on how it looks. This article will help you choose your fish for your freshwater aquarium.

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metal toxicity to fish are discussed. It has been recognized that the toxicity of some heavy metals to freshwater fish is reduced in hard water compared with soft. Water chemistry in freshwater fishkeeping generallyrefers to two difference concepts: pH and hardness. While pH is easy totest and simple to understand, hardness is quite a complex conceptbecause it means different things in different contexts.

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Tropical freshwater aquarium fish reside in a wide range of water habitats– from fast-flowing mountain streams, to great lakes, to slow-moving rainforest rivers. Each of these biotopes, besides having unique fish species, has unique water properties due to environmental factors. Because fish do come from unique natural water sources, their water in captivity should have similar characteristics. To recreate natural settings, the aquariast should have some knowledge of basic water chemistry, specifically pH, water hardness, and the nitrogen cycle.

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