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Research proves that fish oil is packed with healthy benefits for humans and their furry companions. Grizzly Salmon Oil produces a line of high-quality fish oil food supplements and fish oil-based treats for cats and dogs. All Grizzly products contain natural fish oil, which has been gently extracted from Wild Alaskan Salmon or Wild Alaskan Pollock. Both types of fish oil contain long chain Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins that are readily accessible to your dog or cat’s metabolism. The special fatty acids in these oils contain essential building blocks your pet needs for a balanced metabolism and good health. Grizzly fish oil products help maintain overall health and vitality, particularly a healthy heart, immune system, skin and a shiny coat.

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I used to give the Grizzly wild salmon oil.... you have to be careful with ALL fish oil products and especially Krill Oil (bottom eaters) to go with one that doesn't have contaminents in it...... and to figure this out you really have to do your research.... "Grizzly wild salmon" oil for dogs is a very good product, i also used to use "New Chapter WHole Omega products... another excellent product, but rather expensive... i now use Swanson's EFA's "Super EPA" which is very inexpensive and Consumer LAbs just did a 3rd party independt test and this was one of the best essential fatty acid products that was tested and one of the cheapest.:) My dog is approx 45 pounds and she get 1 of thse capsules every other day (since i am giving coconut oil on the opposite days.)

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Jump to Grizzly Pollock Oil Supplement for Dogs - Omega 3 Fish OIl Supplement for Dog Arthritis As dogs and cats age, they face increased risk of heart problems, stiffening joints and loss of zest and vigor. These health risks may be reduced by a diet consistently supplemented with readily accessible, long chain omega-3 fatty acids found only in cold water fish oils like e.g. Grizzly Salmon Oil. These omega-3 fatty acids are essential building blocks all dogs and cats need for maintaining a balanced metabolism. Scientific studies also show these fatty acids help maintain the immune system. Starting puppies and kittens out with a healthy balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is a great way to ensure proper nutrition that can contribute to a long and strong life. Grizzly Salmon Oil supplies a daily supplement rich in EPA and DHA - the right omega-3 fatty acids. Grizzly is a natural way to protect and support the health of your dog and cat!

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Healthy skin, beautiful coat Grizzly Pollock Oil provides the long chain Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which typically have 7 to 10 times higher bioavailability (efficacy) than ALA from flax or other plant sources. EPA and DHA help maintain naturally healthy skin, lustrous coat, healthy joints and a sound cardiovascular system. DHA has also been shown to be very beneficial for the nervous system, eyes, and for maintaining a naturally high fertility status highest omega-3/6 ratio Grizzly Pollock Oil boasts an Omega-3/6 ratio in the range of 13 to 14—one of the highest ratios in natural fish oils. These are the only Omega-3 fatty acids that are readily accessible for your dog's or cat's metabolism. Grizzly Pet Products is dedicated to supporting your pet's long and happy life with a daily supplement that is nutritious and easy to use.

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