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Green algae is common in aquariums, and small quantities are not harmful. However, when large quantities begin to grow on glass, it can interfere with tank cleanliness and make it difficult to see your fish. It may also indicate an imbalance in the tank ecosystem.

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As things get crowded, and you are pushing the limits of your tank, the environment deteriorates, especially if you have a maintenance schedule that needs improvement. Plants that are not thriving will also contribute to the issues. I take from your first sentence that you just added fish? In this case the tank needs to re-adjust to the new bioload. That often triggers a whitish discoloration sometimes followed by a greenish tint. The whitish discoloration is a bacteria bloom, the consequence of the aquarium adjusting. With all the new waste to be processed, waste accumulates until there is a sufficient amount of bacteria present. Make sure the water is well oxygenated as bacteria use up good amounts of oxygen.

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Please note that aquarium general admission tickets cannot be used for Green Flash Concerts. Some fast-growing plants produce chemicals that suppress the growth of algae. The details are still unclear, but planted aquariums with healthy, fast-growing plants tend not to have major algae problems. The most common algae in such freshwater tanks are green algae, and these are easily managed by adding some small algae-eating fish or invertebrates, such as Crossocheilus siamensis, nerite snails or Amano shrimp.

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The chilly waters of our gallery are home to some green-themed species as well. This gallery features animals from some of the cooler areas of our world ocean, including the magnificent kelp forests of the Pacific. While it’s certainly green, all the kelp at the Aquarium is actually artificial, in part due to the incredible growth rate of this algae. Giant kelp can grow up to 12 inches in a day! Kelp forests are dynamic ecosystems, and home to a great number of plants and animals, including the , and the – all animals you’ll find in Cold Water Quest.

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Product information:Usually the result of an algae bloom. Read up on how to . The green cloudy aquarium water will not harm your fish but it is not the most pleasant thing to look at. This happens because of the amount of nutrients and the amount of light entering the aquarium. Your tank water is nutrient rich, which may mean that you're feeding too much, your tank may be overstocked or you're not doing enough water changes or a combination of all the above. The main problems are usually high nitrate and phosphate levels. If you have a saltwater aquarium consider using a and . Avoid placing your aquarium where it could receive direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will add fuel to the fire so to speak and direct sunlight will cause temperature fluctations as well.