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In the November issue (2009) of TFH there is a good article on this. The author ran tests and explains why changing more water is preferable to changing less water. Pollution accumulates daily (the waste from the fish is steady) and every day an equal amount of waste is added. In other words, the toxins are increasing far more as each day goes by, so each day there is a high percentage of pollution in the aquarium. In contrast, changing 50% once a week is cutting the pollution in half, with the result that day by day the pollution will gradually increase toward the end of the week; in other words, the fish are only going to be subjected to very high levels of pollution at the end of the week just before the 50% water change, so during the previous days they are exposed to slightly less pollution that they are with a daily 10% water change. OF course, changing 50% or more each day would be ideal. But most hobbyists can find it easier to maintain a regular weekly schedule rather than a daily one.

Fish tank gravel for a cute space themed sensory bin, plus other great ideas for the space theme.

I bought a 10gal aquarium about 6 months ago I had bought 4 glow fish and 2 neon tetra and the black light for the glow fish. The glow fish would hide under the filters and then after about 1 week they started dying I tested the water with the test strips and it was fine I went to petsmart with a water sample they said it was fine and replaced the fish about a week later it happened again so I got different fish 2 none tetra 2 red lid tetra and then petsmart sold be a bunch of chemicals for the tank I have done complete water changes bought new gravel and my fish keep dying please help

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Fish tank gravel for a cute space themed sensory bin, plus other great ideas for the space theme. For the first day after the change, cut back on the amount of food you feed the fish. Also, darken the room near the tank to reduce their stress. You should check the ammonia levels in the tank about three days after the gravel change. Check again in three days, and check a week after that. If at any time the ammonia levels are high, change the water and test the ammonia frequently until it is cleared out.

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What uneaten food and fish poop that isn’t removed by your filter settles into the gravel and is then set upon by the nitrifying bacteria thereby converting it into nitrite. By disturbing the gravel you probably found your water became rather dirty to look at. Left alone it would have cleared in an hour or so, time dependent on the effectiveness of your mechanical filter. Remember also that the gravel forms part of your biological filter, so by disturbing it….well you can guess the outcome.

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