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and i found the name moana (mo-a-na) which means ocean in hawaiian on another site. i hope the suggestion helped, if it doesnt this site is great 4 betta fish names! Good Luck!

good betta fish names? | Yahoo Answers

Frequently new betta owners can’t think of what to name their new little fishy friend. The choices are practically endless. You could spend countless hours trying to decide what to name your betta by brainstorming, asking friends, Googling, and posting questions on forums. Finally for the first time (that we are aware of anyway), someone (us) has done the painstaking study to determine just what are the most popular names among betta owners. The good news is that there are many. The not so good news is there are still lots, so you will still need to make a decision. However, this handy list should help you with inspiration and make that decision easier.

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and my betta fish now is Mazarine, which is a royal blue. Looking up synonyms for colors and color names in different languages is a good start. I couldn’t decide between two bettas, so I ended up geting both and a divided tank. One was very dark blue, and the other was red with some blue shading. I couldn’t seem to think of any good names until I told a friend that I was considering Redfish and Bluefish, which they really liked. So now they are the Dr. Seuss fish.

Betta Fish Names? Male, Female, Blue, Funny & Clever

So, you have just brought home your cute and colorful little . Now it’s time to choose a name for your new watery friend… But, ermm Betta fish names… What’s a good betta fish name? What should I call my betta fish!? I hear this all the time (especially on Twitter)!

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