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The importance of good food for Tropical Fish cannot be over emphasized. Many common fish ailments originate in the little can of “Fish Food” we carelessly pick up on sale. Worrying about price and not ingredients will not keep a healthy happy community aquarium. Feeding your fish is the single most important thing you can do for your Tropical Fish on a daily basis.

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With their bright neon blue coloration, neon tetras have been a favorite among fishkeepers for ages. With colors that rival marine fish, they are indeed one of the most beautiful freshwater species to keep. Only reaching one inch in length, they certainly are able to fit comfortably into most beginner's tanks. Why then are they not a good beginner fish? First of all, they do not adapt very well to changes in their environment. This leads to many difficulties when you bring the fish home. It is not enough to just float the bag in the water for ten minutes and then set them free. They need to adjust much more gradually by adding small amounts of aquarium water in the bag over a long period of time and then releasing them into the aquarium. Even then, they can still be very nervous and go into shock easily. They also require very clean water to do well in the home aquaria. Frequent water changes are a must to keep from having your neons start dying for no apparent reason. Their sensitivity does not make them very forgiving of mistakes that are bound to be made when a person first starts out.

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But, all this, in no way means that keeping a fish aquarium at home or office will inherently bring-in all the goodness.
For many fish tank hobbyists, aquascaping can be one of the most enjoyable parts about setting up a fish tank. Decorating your aquarium can be quite fun, but coming up with a good aquascape is not just about making the tank look nice. You really should take into account the tank's future inhabitants when figuring out what you need to do. This is where you get to exercise both sides of your brain to try and come up with something that is not only nice to look at but something that is functional as well.

And although they can live in a small bowl, that's not good for them.

We've tried to come up with a list of general tropical fish tips and hints for beginners to the fish keeping hobby. Below you will find our compiled list of the items we thought would especially help a newbie. If you have a good aquarium or tropical fish tip that you would like to share, just complete the form at the bottom of the page and we'll post it.

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So you are ready to dive in to the tropical world that is fish keeping? Let me tell you, there is a lot of information out there, and a lot of fish too. If this is your first ever home aquarium, and you have never kept fish before, then this article is going to be the best possible starting point. We have conjured up a list of 13 tropical , that are perfect for both beginners, and advanced fishkeepers alike. Let’s take a look at what constitutes a good ‘freshwater fish for beginners’.Since adult black skirt tetras reaches two inches in length at most, the inch per gallon rule would suggest putting five black skirt tetras in your aquarium; however, a thorough research of the fish explains they need at least six of their own kind in the tank and, since they are very good swimmers, nothing less than 24 inches long.