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This will really depend on the size of the fish…small koi will be difficult to see the wiskers and on larger koi maybe a few centimeters. The better determination is the body of the fish itself. When looked at the from the side Koi have a much flatter belly and goldfish will be skinnier from the top view but have a much more rounded belly appearance from the side. Color patterns are also an indication as most goldfish are gold and black or speckled such as a shubunkin while koi generally have larger patches or 1 to 2 different colors. If you have any clear pictures of them you can e-mail them to and we may be able to tell if they are koi or goldfish.

Read on to find out more about the differences and similarities between koi carp and goldfish.

Besides those two problems, compared to koi, goldfish are simply not interesting to watch. Having said that, we do keep Sarassa comets in one decorative water lily pond, and we do keep golden orfes in a lotus decorative pond. We allow the fish in each to come to equilibrium with their surroundings, and also each year give away 50 to 100 golden orfes from a 900 gallon pond to keep its stocking density in reasonable balance with the filtration, and give away a few Sarassa comets as well to keep the 900 gallon pond of water lilies in balance with its filter system.

Can i put Koi and Goldfish together?

Koi, Butterfly Koi, Goldfish and more. We have it all. And food to feed it! People often confuse goldfish and koi. These fish are similar, both being carps, but koi get much larger and have barbels on the sides of the mouth that they use for foraging and finding food. They also have similar care requirements such as feeding and temperature but Koi need much larger living quarters than goldfish.

It's labeled Koi and Goldfish Food.

While it is possible to crossbreed the two types of fish, it is fairly uncommon for the process to naturally occur in your pond. The outcome of such instances yields sterile offspring that are unable to reproduce. It is much more common to produce new colors and varieties of fish due to two different types of goldfish reproducing. While some pond owners are curious about the potential to crossbreed their fish, many more would be happy to just experience the spawning process even once in their back yard water garden regardless of the results. If it has not happened for you yet, make sure you are providing adequate habitat in the form of so if your Koi do spawn the eggs and fry will have places to attach and hide to avoid becoming an easy meal (yes Koi will eat their own young). Furthermore, maintain a healthy water feature by providing adequate filtration, aeration, and beneficial bacteria. Using the products in a will give you a wide assortment of products that simplify your pond maintenance and promote a clean healthy environment. Click over to our for a little more insight on the matter.

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