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Blake pointed to research by Jeffrey Hill, who was part of the task force that reviewed Yorktown’s successful application to raise the GloFish tetra in Florida. In a 2011 study, Hill found that largemouth bass and mosquito fish in Florida ate twice as many red GloFish as regular zebra fish when they were all put in tanks together.

Tetra Glofish 20 gallon aquarium kit review, Glofish tank setup guide.

Comes with some essential equipment like the previous kit; however, the intends for bringing out the most fluorescent lighting from . The blue LED light and the different glow factors that come with the kit give GloFish an exciting fluorescent look. Besides, some other supplies and decors needed for setting up a Glofish tank are also included such as Glofish plants and Glofish Yellow Anemone.

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(not planning on getting this one since so many bad reviews by the way) ..

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