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GloFish pet products offer the perfect products to bring vibrancy, color and life to every aquarium environment. After developing the original fluorescent colored fish over a decade ago, GloFish has widened its product line to include aquarium tanks, gravel, glowing plants, ornaments and airstones, allowing aquarium hobbyists with a taste for the fantastic to turn their aquariums into majestic tanks of neon wonder!

GloFish neon products react with intensity to GloFish LED lights, resulting in brilliant displays of color and beauty. GloFish aquarium ornaments, imitation plants and airstones are made of quality ingredients and are suitable for fresh or saltwater aquatic environments. Simply switch on one of GloFishs blue LED light fixtures, and your aquarium will pop to life like youve never seen before!

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Complete your GloFish aquarium and top off your gravel in fun, bead shaped, colors that look great under blue LED lighting. Experience the Glo with GloFish Bead Accents.

Buy GloFish Aquarium Gravel - Black & Fluorescent - 5 lb

Glofish Gravel (PINK NEON 5#) GloFish Aquarium Gravel - Green is brightly colored aquarium gravel that wonderfully accents the color of your fish. Perfect under LED lighting, this aquarium gravel adds color to your aquarium and glows and sparkles wonderfully underwater. Easy to implement, this green aquarium gravel creates a fun tank in no time!

GloFish White Frost Fluorescent Aquarium Gravel | Petco

Experience the Glo and complete your GloFish aquarium by adding fluorescent-accent gravel. Available in fun, fluorescent colors, Glofish gravel adds depth and beauty to your aquarium.

GloFish Multicolor Diamond Accent Gravel | Petco

Create a fluorescent wonderland with brightly colored GloFish® aquarium plants, fluorescent-accented GloFish® aquarium gravel, and novel ornaments.GloFish Blue LED Bubbler | GloFish Bubbler features 6 blue LED surrounding an integrated airstone. Produces vital aeration as well as Glo enhancing blue light to accentuate the natural fluorescence of GloFish. Requires air pump to operate, not included.Tetra Glo Fish Black with fluorescent highlights Aquarium Gravel will complete your GloFish experience and complement fish. Features larger pebbles than typical gravel. Size: 5 pound bag.GloFish Multicolor Gems Accent Gravel provide plenty of color and pop to your aquarium! These diamond shaped, multicolored accents top off your aquarium gravel and sparkle wonderfully under blue LED lighting. Add an extra "glo" to your aquarium with these colorful gravel accents.