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GloFish are relatively hardy, easy to keep, and get along well with other fish. However, not all fish are this way, so if you have other fish in your tank or are adding new fish to your GloFish tank, be careful to choose fish that can all live together in a similar environment. Here are a few key points that may be helpful: (1) Like their non-fluorescent counterparts, GloFish are schooling fish and should ideally be kept in groups. This is particularly important with GloFish Barbs (Electric Green® and Starfire Red®), which can potentially become aggressive if they are not kept in groups of five or more. (2) Be sure not to crowd too many fish into a tank. (3) Please avoid keeping fish (even just one fish) in a small bowl. Recommended stocking densities vary depending upon the literature source, tank configuration, filtration system, and other factors, so making a specific recommendation is difficult. We recommend consulting with the experts at your local fish store before starting a new aquarium or adding to an existing community.

The popularity of GloFish comes primarily from two factors: the vibrant color and ease of care.

Although many people think that AquAdvantage® Salmon will become the FIRST Genetically Modified ANIMAL to be approved for sale in the U.S., GloFish® have been available for purchase in the U.S. since 2003. We were able to find many but no culinary experiments. Since we could not find any recipes on how best to prepare GloFish® for eating, we created the Glowing Sushi Cooking Show.

Glofish are pretty and make for fun kid-friendly tanks.

Ever since I've got my glofish it's been like a light show in my tank. The Greenpeace cartoon, while inaccurate and ignorant, doesn’t make me any less likely to get glowing fish. I’d love my cat to get all badass with superpowers like that. In actuality, she will probably be less enthused than I about our new pets.

The 55 gallon GloFish Pack contains the following:

Randomly late reply, but there are already glow in the dark cats, and there have been for years! though if the cat ate your glofish nothing would likely happen. Glowing cats had been made to study cancers and aids, but they aren’t out on the market.

December 13th, 2013: 10 Gallon GloFish® Kit Holiday Contest

On the market for a little over ten years, GloFish have seen pretty fast growth within the fish category. What started out as just one type of fish in 2003 (Starfire Red), has turned into a category that includes 12 lines of fish from three species that come in six different colors, as well as more than 100 products designed specifically for GloFish.Sales from , one of two licensed GloFish breeders, also attest to the success of these fish. The Electric Green and Starfire Red Danios are in the top 20 bestselling fish in terms of individual fish. Even more impressive is that, if you look at GloFish as a group, their numbers would put them up in the top 10.“We estimate that about 10 percent of aquarium owners have GloFish,” said Alan Blake, CEO of Yorktown Technologies, which owns the license to breed and distribute these fish within the aquarium industry.A good display is an important selling tool when it comes to the GloFish category. Blake recommends setting up a tank with black gravel and blue LED lights to really highlight the colors.
“We provide free merchandising support for retailers, because we know that having the right mix of fish and the right lights is crucial to having a successful GloFish display,” Blake said.