Frogfish yawning, A. commerson, photo by Mike Bartick.

As all frogfishes, is a voracious which will devour all right-sized prey that pass within reach, usually other fish, but sometimes even its own kind. It can swallow prey its own size.

This is very amazing. How this frog saves fishes. How nature works. Wonderful wildlife!

While fishing one day I saw a huge bass come out from under a log at the edge of some lily pads to look at the buzzbait I was pitching at the time. Over the next several days, I came down and fished that spot at least once a day with different lures and tactics to try to bring this bass to strike. I saw the fish twice more but could not get her to do more than look at my lures. Finally, I snuck up to within casting distance of the log early one morning and tied on a frog. I pitched the frog well behind the log into the lily pads and slowly swam it to the log through the weeds. I pulled it onto the log and let it rest there for at least two minutes. Then I gently hopped the frog off of the log, taking care to leave the line slack when the lure hit the water so the frog would float freely. I let the frog sit until the ripples died down, then I twitched it and the water erupted. Several minutes later, I landed a 24 1/2-inch largemouth that I estimate weighed between 6 and 7 pounds. In my part of the country, that is an exceptional bass. I have only seen a couple in my life to top that one. Since then I have used this technique many times. When you walk the frog with slack in the line, the motion is very realistic and will fool those old fish that ignore everything else.

Painted frogfish, Antennarius pictus

Few traces of frogfishes remain in the fossil record, though  is known from the  of Algeria. Perhaps forgetting that it is amphibious -- or just too lazy to swim -- a and stayed on for the ride. The fish wriggled in an attempt to shake off the passenger, but the frog reportedly held on.

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This extraordinary scene took place in the Bournemouth, England, pond of 70-year-old Andree Siwadi, who eventually lifted the frog off the distressed fish.

Frog Fish Eating (Viewer Discretion Advised) - YouTube

Most frogs have a two-phased life cycle, including an aquatic larval form (tadpole) and a terrestrial or semiaquatic adult form. Tadpoles are primarily herbivorous, feeding on algae and decaying organic matter. Adults, on the other hand, are carnivorous, consuming almost any prey that can be overpowered. Although the diet consists primarily of insects, crayfish, and other invertebrates, larger frogs occasionally take snakes, other frogs, fish, mice, and small birds. In natural habitats, fish usually comprise less than 5% of the diet of the bullfrog. On fish farms, as many as 30% of bullfrogs have been found to contain fish. 2. Fish that are too large can choke a frog that tries to eat it. Some frogs will take on more then they can handle and kill themselves trying to swallow a large fish. If an ACF tries to swallow a fish that is too big it will choke and drown. They wont go to the surface to breathe while they are swallowing.