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I recently rediscovered a childhood hobby of mine, that being the joys and wonders of maintaining an aquarium of freshwater tropical fish species. It really is a therapeutic experience watching them swim about and do as fish do. I wanted to share what I’ve found regarding some of my fishy room-mates with anyone who has a similar interest in aquatic life. Here are some of the bottom feeders I’ve kept before.

Exotic Fish | Freshwater Tropical Fish Species: Tetras

Tropical Freshwater Community Fish | Freshwater Tropical Fish Species: Harlequin Rasboras 2 inches; active schooling fish; may nip fins of slower moving tank mates if not provided enough space; prefer planted tanks. Tags: aquarium, tropical, pet, fish.h

Tropical Fish Species | Freshwater Tropical Fish Species: Plecos

Freshwater Tropical fish species with copy space. There is much to consider when selecting tropical fish for an aquarium. For starters, buyers need to determine which type of fish can survive in their aquarium. Freshwater, brackish, and marine tropical fish all live in differing habitats. They need to be housed in tanks that match the conditions of their natural environment. When buying tropical fish, special emphasis must be placed on compatibility. In-depth research about tropical species will ensure that fish can coexist peacefully in their aquarium habitat. It’s also essential that buyers look for healthy fish that won’t infect other tank dwellers with disease.

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Knifefish are found in two groups. The largest group are the Gymnotiformes. These are the electric knifefishes, and are also known as the Neotropical or South American knifefishes. These include the Glass Knifefishes, Sand Knifefishes, Naked-back Knifefishes, and the Ghost knifefishes. They are strictly freshwater fish and are found in Central and South America. There are about 150 described species in 32 genera, and another 50 or so species that are known but yet to be described. The actual number of species in the wild still to be discovered, is unknown.

Freshwater SpeciesTop 50 - Freshwater tropical fish descriptions

After the first World War when electrification became widespread, private aquarium ownership blossomed. Innovations such as air pumps, silicone sealant, and acrylic aquariums boosted the hobby, while air freight introduced previously unknown tropical species to the masses. By the early 2000s, some 10 million households in the United States owned an aquarium. In 2006, a survey concluded that Americans kept near 150 million freshwater and saltwater fish.We love aquairum tanks and we made a video about all freshwater aquairum fish species. Time of this video 39;09. You will see all freshwater fish species in this video.

Species of freswater aquairum fish:
1 American Cichlids (Cichlasomas, acaras,angelfish, discuses
and others)
2 Barbs
3 Catfish
4 Cold-Water Cyprinids
5 Other Cyprinids
6 Danios And Other Danionins
7 Darters:
8 Dwarf Cichlids (Apistogrammas, rams and others)
9 Gar
10 Gobies
11 Hatchetfish
12 Headstanders
13 Killifish
14 Labyrinth fish
15 Lake Malawi Cichlids
16 Lake Tanganyika Cichlids
17 Live-Bearers
18 Loaches And Related Cypriniformes
19 Miscellaneous African Cichlids (Non-Rift Lake)

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