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Neons are among the most popular of freshwater tropical fish due to their tiny size and vibrant colors. They only grow about an inch or so long, so any aquarium 10 gallons or bigger makes for a suitable home.

The Blue Discus Fish - Symphysodon Aequifasciatus in a tropical freshwater planted aquarium

There is much to consider when selecting tropical fish for an aquarium. For starters, buyers need to determine which type of fish can survive in their aquarium. Freshwater, brackish, and marine tropical fish all live in differing habitats. They need to be housed in tanks that match the conditions of their natural environment. When buying tropical fish, special emphasis must be placed on compatibility. In-depth research about tropical species will ensure that fish can coexist peacefully in their aquarium habitat. It’s also essential that buyers look for healthy fish that won’t infect other tank dwellers with disease.

Freshwater Tropical Aquarium Fish for Sale

Freshwater Tropical Fish | ... aquarium fish free wallpaper in free pet category: Freshwater-fish Although the aquarium fish chart will be right most of the time, there are exceptions where some freshwater tropical species will get along with other incompatible species. This is highly dependable on which order they are added to the aquarium, the size of the aquarium and how often the tank is fed.

Tropical Fish for Freshwater Aquariums: Neon Tetra Jumbo

You may have seen tropical fish labeled as semi-aggressive and wondered if they were smart choices for your freshwater aquarium. This label can be confusing, and not all fish earn it for the same reason.

Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Fish: Ram - Live Aquaria