41.24% of all known species of fish are found in fresh water.

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What type of freshwater fish is this… is it a new species… a fish with a tusks?

The Asian River catfish (Hemibagrus nemerus) is a freshwater fish species; in the bagrid catfish family (family Bagridae) of order Siluriformes (catfish). Native found in the Mekong, Chao Phraya, Maeklong, Peninsular and also Southeast Thailand river systems.

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aquarium fishes names and pictures | Unique Freshwater Species of Fish for Your Aquarium These are but a few examples of the global importance of freshwater fishes, their habitats, and the need for the conservation of both. Overall, fish species, and communities in the inland streams, rivers, lakes, and wetlands of North America, provide countless ecosystem services. Beyond the economic value of fish, fisheries, and freshwater habitats, healthy natural aquatic ecosystems may have profound positive effects on the human spirit and well-being.

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This website provides a link to the AFS report on imperiled North American freshwater and diadromous fishes, interactive maps, and the ability to generate lists of imperiled species and populations based on geographic distribution.

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