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Anubias & anubias Nana are two more of the easiest freshwater plants to keep in the aquarium. Anubias is most commonly sold on driftwood or rocks in the aquarium store. Unlinke Java Fern, anubias Grows very slowly it is therefore important to buy a specimen that is more appropriate to your size of aquarium.

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Interestingly anubias can be grown above the water’s surface. It is also interesting to note that anubias will flower underneath the water which is strange for most aquatic plants. Anubias is definitely one of the easiest freshwater plants to care for and should be a prime choice for any aquarist wanting to begin a planted tank.

Freshwater Aquariums: Are Live Plants for Your Aquarium?

For more information on lighting & your Freshwater Planted Aquarium, please view our  & read Water quality is of utmost importance in most aquaria and the freshwater planted niche is no exception. Maintaining proper water parameters can be challenging but with the right filtration system in place life will be considerably easier for you and your tank inhabitants. Choose from a selection of canister, internal, undergravel and hang on back power filters.

Aquatic Plants for Freshwater Aquariums: Banana Plant - Live Aquaria

Planted aquariums require a mix of standard freshwater aquarium products along with more specialized supplies used for growing aquatic plants. From CO2 regulators and diffusers to water conditioners, fertilizers and substrate, we carry everything you’ll need to setup and maintain your own planted tank.

10 Best Freshwater Aquarium Plants for Beginners

learly one of the main factors that attracts people to planted aquariums is the apparent ease of maintenance and how easily plants can grow under a wide range of conditions without any help from the aquarist. This is absolutely true but it is not always guaranteed that plants will take to your particular system and it is mostly applicable to the weedy type of plants. The aquatic gardener who chooses to never dose CO2 or any kind of macro or micro nutrients will be shooting themselves in the foot and missing out on a big part of the freshwater plant hobby. Without dosing it is much more difficult to grow some of the more exotic water plants and plants that are more robust, more beautiful and more colorful than those that are left to scavenge for what limited nutrients may be produced in the aquarium. stopped keeping freshwater tanks and started keeping saltwater aquariums back in the mid-'80s and set up my first reef tank in 1996. As much as I loved the reef hobby, by the summer of 2007 I decided my conscience simply wouldn't allow me to continue with it. It left me with a dilemma, though, as I loved keeping aquariums and had been doing so for nearly my entire life. In the end I decided to return to the freshwater tanks I'd left behind long ago, and to explore a segment of that hobby that was only in it's infancy way back then, the freshwater planted aquarium.