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After 22 Years Fins 7 Friends will be closing it’s doors – the owners have deicide to take a well deserved retirment. They we will be running sales for the next month: July 5-14th: 33% off All Dry Goods ( frozen food, salt & water excluded.) All Aquarium Sets Below Cost (no further discount) All Live Corals 50% off All Freshwater Fish Buy One Get One Equal or Lesser Value FREE July 17-22: 50% off Dry Goods (Same limitations as above) July 25-29: 60% Off Dry Goods (Same limitations as above) August 1-5: 70% off Dry Goods (Same limitations as above). August 5th Will Be Our Final Business Day…..Thank You for all the years of love and support for us. Mark & Lisa Fins and Friends features a good mixture of both freshwater and saltwater fish and corals. They offer a complete line of dry goods and equipment such as

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Almost all freshwater angelfish and discus for sale today are captive-bred and come in a wide variety of colors. Freshwater angelfish are relatively easy to care for and come in varying fin lengths. The body of a discus is round and laterally compressed, an unusual characteristic. Although beautiful, discus can be a challenge to care for

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Almost all freshwater angelfish and discus for sale today are captive-bred and .. AquaTouch offers both saltwater and freshwater products and livestock in a 4,700 square foot facility and has been located in the same location for more than 16 years. The Saltwater side offers more than 7,000 gallons of fish and coral displays. The have a great off-site quarantine facility where they quarantine new fish arrivals and train them to accept either frozen or flake depending on the type of fish, before being placed for sale. The freshwater side features over 1,000 gallons of hard-to-find live plants, shrimp and fish with a focus on Asian inspired freshwater planted aquariums. AquaTouch stocks a full line of supplies and additives for both freshwater planted systems as well as saltwater tanks.

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Freshwater fish are a fun and easy way to get into the aquarium hobby. There is an unbelievable variety of tropical fish from bettas to discus and cichlids, as well as aquarium goldfish. All fish we offer for sale are healthy, vibrant, and eating well.

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