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Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp: Best Algae Eaters, Red Cherry Shrimp, Crystal Red Shrimp, Yellow, Fire Red, Snowball Shrimp and more.

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The females carry roughly 10-15 eggs. It takes approximately 20-30 days for the eggs to hatch. The babies immediately show the same color as the adults. The growth rate of the babies is fast as well. If the tank is in good shape then the babies will grow almost as fast as some of the Neocaridina Shrimp. For more information on the reproduction cycle of freshwater aquarium shrimp please read the article .

Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp Reproduction

These cute and colorful shrimp do great in small freshwater aquariums. What species are they? Vampire Shrimp: A , also known as Viper Shrimp, African Filter Feeding Shrimp, African Fan Feeding Shrimp, among other names, is a filter feeding freshwater shrimp similar to Bamboo Shrimp. Vampire Shrimp use web-like feeding mitts to filter tiny bits of edible matter from the constantly moving aquarium water. But while Bamboo Shrimp feed with their feeding mitts extended out waiting for water to bring food to them, Vampire Shrimp seem to take a more active approach as they fan their feeding mitts in a forward and downward motion to help collect food from the water. Vampire Shrimp are not aggressive and have no real means to defend themselves except for their shells, so they need to be kept with other species that will not try to hurt or eat them.

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Red Cherry Shrimp: A , or simply called Cherry Shrimp, is a freshwater shrimp that really adds a bight red accent color to an aquarium. Red Cherry Shrimp are small shrimp that like tanks with live plants offering interesting places to explore and safe places to hide. Red Cherry Shrimp spend hours on end eating very small bits of food and soft algae buildup from hard surfaces. Because Red Cherry Shrimp are small and defenseless, they need to be kept away from aggressive species that will eat them.

Most Hardy Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp