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Interestingly anubias can be grown above the water’s surface. It is also interesting to note that anubias will flower underneath the water which is strange for most aquatic plants. Anubias is definitely one of the easiest freshwater plants to care for and should be a prime choice for any aquarist wanting to begin a planted tank.

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Below is a list of the easiest freshwater plants to keep in the aquarium. This list has been hand selected from hundreds of plants. In addition to easiness of keeping, these plants have been optimised to be low price, high availability and very aesthetic. All of the plants below can be maintained in low lighting setups without fertilisers. If you were deciding to make the switch to a planted aquarium, feel safe knowing the suggestions below are all excellent beginner plants.

planted freshwater aquarium setup | Green Aquarium Plants

Aquatic Plants for Freshwater Aquariums: Aquarium Plant Pack - Ultimate The Amazon sword is an interesting plant that can be grown in a variety of conditions. It is definitely one of the most well known and easy to care for freshwater plants. Amazon Swords often grow very large in the aquarium and this should be kept in mind before purchasing an Amazon sword. They are perfect for the beginner because they require only a low level of lighting and a low level of nutrients to survive. However, with a high level of lighting and the addition of liquid supplements the Amazon sword will begin to grow extremely quickly in the aquarium.

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Below is a list of some of the best freshwater aquarium plants for beginners. Before you start adding plants into your aquarium, it is very important that you understand the pros and cons of adding freshwater plants to your aquarium. Freshwater plants are not for everybody and should only be used if you fully understand the benefits and negative aspects of having freshwater plants in your fish tank.

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Natural plants are the perfect choice for any aquariums, and they're almost a required for Aquascapes. To do it right, you'll need to choose plants that won't immediately die. (It happens to all of us at some point.) Here are the best freshwater plant choices for beginners.The biggest feature of this plant is its 'zigzag' pattern—one of the more unique leaf types available to freshwater aquascapers. Downoi grows in a circular pattern that fits perfectly in foreground aquascapes. Place this in front of your hardscape (specifically ), and you'll have a winning combination for your aquarium.Other than an awesome name, these plant is one of the most unique you'll find for freshwater aquariums. You might also see this plant referred to as 'Downoi', but they're the same plant species.Water Wisteria grows fast, quickly adding depth and beauty to your freshwater aquarium. It needs minimal maintenance, which makes it a fuss free plant to have.