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If you need an effective filtration system that can properly support the bio-load created by your fish, then this unit is right up your alley. It works with saltwater and freshwater aquariums, and it lowers your tank’s ammonia and toxicity levels; it’s perfect for people who want to keep sensitive fish. The Emperor 400 delivers professional-grade filtration in a unit that is easy to use and maintain.

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For Freshwater Aquarium filter systems/combination suggestions, please see this article: Re: Freshwater Refugium? sorry to email again but I foundthis in your guy's faq's. it conflicts, I just know I'mtreading areas not many have with fresh DSB and would like tounderstand? or is this old info? follows Anaerobic Digestion w/ Deep Sand Beds(DSBs): The use of deeper and or finer grades of substrate are used toanaerobically ("without oxygen") convert nitrates back togaseous nitrogen for removal from the system. There are definitebenefits and dangers in these approaches versus the use of live plants,water changes, and chemical filtrants. to alleviate nitrateaccumulation. The potential downsides of this anaerobiosis areproduction of noxious by-products like hydrogen sulfide gas (rotten eggsmell), which can be deadly. By and large aquarists should be wary of"bubble" accumulation within their gravel, vacuuming suchareas if they appear. Some anaerobic activity occurs in every systemwithout the express use of such devices. By and large the units offeredto aquarists are gimmicks that require constant attention, do little toimprove net water quality, and way too often lead to poisoning of thesystem. Flow rates through digesters and carbon feeding are trickymatters. We'll have more to say about them under biologicalaugmentation and filtration topics. They are mentioned here because ofthe involvement of substrates, and filter beds.

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Having the right filtration system will be the big difference maker when it comes to how much time you actually have to spend cleaning your tank. You want to make sure you get the right filtration system for your freshwater aquarium. Let’s take a look at 5 of the best filtration systems for your freshwater aquarium.

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