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While snails are not the greatest algae eaters available in the fish keeping hobby today, they are still a very popular choice. Back in the day, snails were the only wildlife a hobbyist could use to control their algae, so they became popular out of necessity. In recent years, however, the demand for freshwater snails has increased, and people are becoming more and more open to the idea of keeping snails as pets.

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A superb algae eater, amano shrimps have been a popular option in the aquarist trade for decades. They don’t really breed in freshwater, and enjoy planted aquariums where they can hide from larger fish that would prey on them. Very pacific, they reach about 3.5 to 5cm, and their translucent bodies are beautiful to look at. They will not only eat algae, but organic detritus and leftover food, particularly if you don’t feed them too much.

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freshwater tank of algae, as well as eat dead plants, leftover food and fish eggs. Snails reproduce very quickly and may be eaten by larger fish, such as loaches and cichlids, but they make great algae eaters. The ramshorn snail will rid your freshwater tank of algae, as well as eat dead plants, leftover food and fish eggs. Zebra nerite snails have beautiful patterns on their shells, but their beauty is not the only benefit to your tank; these snails will eat the hard-to-get algae like green spot algae and carpet-like green beard algae. Malaysian trumpet snails are ideal for planted freshwater tanks because they will eat the algae, dead plant material and leftover food, but they will not eat your plants.

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Catfish are excellent cleanup fish. The otocinclus catfish is one of the more popular catfish species sold as algae eaters; they will devour the algae, especially what is in between foliage. They are a dwarf sucker-mouth catfish, only reaching about 4 to 5 inches, making them a nice option for small- to medium-size aquariums. The pleco species are bottom-feeding catfish that are great algae eaters. The bristlenose, hypostomus and farlowella plecos are all great algae-eating catfish species. The farlowella pleco, or twig catfish, is not as common as the bristlenose variety, which is actually a smaller catfish that is great for smaller freshwater tanks.

The Chinese algae eater is a popular freshwater aquarium fish