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Keep your fish happy and healthy by cleaning their tank and adding fresh water once a week. Cleaning an aquarium isn't difficult, especially if you make sure to do it on a schedule so algae and other residue doesn't have time to build up. This article explains how to clean a freshwater or saltwater aquarium.

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Hi anyone
We are planning on getting a fresh water fish tank for our Son, the tank we are looking at is 1.0m which is quite large, he has set his heart on predator species, trying to explain the does and do nots are falling on deaf ears, (try explaining to a 10 year old that a killer whale is not going to fit into a 1.0m tank is not easy)
We have got to the point where we, I understand the difference between fresh water American and African fish species and that some are not best put together.
his heart is set on larger species, can someone give advise

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Friend or Foe? Freshwater Fish Compatibility for a Happy Tank Infographic There are three kinds of tank systems: freshwater, saltwater, and brackish water. The easiest of the three to set up and maintain are freshwater systems. These particular systems do not require as many chemical additions and are cheaper to set up and maintain. For a beginner a freshwater system is the way to go. Once you have decided on a water type you should come up with a plan for your tank. Where is it going to go? What kind of fish do you want? How big of a tank do you want? Do you want live plants or invertebrates? These are all things that you should explore before purchasing a tank.

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Once you have a tank picked out its time to select a stand. Of course many pet stores sell tank and stand combs for a discounted price, some even include pumps and other necessary accessories. A good stand will have places for you to store your chemicals, fish foods, cleaning supplies (gravel wash tube and hose), as well as extra filtration and decorations. Ideally the stand will also have an aesthetic appeal and compliment the beauty of the tank. A lot of people try to be crafty and make their own stands by buying wood that the hardware store. Be very careful if you choose to go that route. Remember a gallon of water weighs roughly nine pounds, then add in rocks and gravel and you are looking at a very heavy aquarium. A 30 gallon freshwater tank can weigh over 320 pounds. That is a lot of weight for the stand to have to support.

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