8 Popular Fish Species for Your Fresh Water Aquarium.

Freshwater fish fall into several different groupings, with each fish type having different habitat needs, characteristics, and behaviors. The freshwater compatibility chart above is a great start, but there are several additional factors that need to be considered to help determine whether each species is compatible or not. These include size, temperament and gender; diet, activity level, and the areas of the tank they will inhabit; and aquarium water parameters like temperature and pH.

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Tank Mates: Another thing new hobbyists should consider before choosing freshwater aquarium fish is whether the fish will make compatible tank mates. Some freshwater aquarium fish are calm and peaceful while others have an aggressive disposition. Even with aggressive fish, some types are more aggressive than others. And some behave more aggressively due to the combination of other species in the tank. There is alot to consider when combining tank mates. It’s always a good idea to check with the clerk at the store about compatibility before buying.

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8 Popular Fish Species for Your Fresh Water Aquarium: Anabantoidei - Bettas and Gouramis You could be very anxious that you want to start a freshwater aquarium. You are probably wondering how to stock your aquarium and with which fish. The wise thing to do before taking that pride step is considering a few decisions that you probably need to make. Do you want a Cold Water Tank or a heated one? It is worth noting that either tank has its advantages and the particular species of the fish regarding the water temperatures in the tank. Once you decide on the species you want, you can then consider the species that are discussed below.

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African Cichlids are the closest thing you can get to the vibrant colors of saltwater fish in a freshwater environment. Some aquarium owners specialize in cichlids, and they make for some beautiful tanks. But they are also very aggressive, very complex fish and, except for a few species, do not belong in a tank smaller than 55 gallons. Even then you need to know what you're doing to prevent them from killing each other.

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Freshwater aquarium fish care information and pictures ordered by freshwater fish species. Click on the picture of the freshwater fish species in the list below for detailed profiles along with comments and tips from fellow freshwater hobbyists.Aquarium Type: One of the first things new hobbyists should consider before buying fish is what type of tank will be kept. Some of the more common aquarium types are a tropical community tank, a goldfish tank, a cichlid tank or a species tank. Some freshwater aquarium fish will fare better in one type of tank as opposed to another. Its not a good idea to keep goldfish in a tropical community tank or a shrimp tank, for example.