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Feeding Angelfish: Angelfish are a typical cichlid. The general rule is a variety of high quality fish foods at least a couple times a day. They are voracious feeders and should always act that way unless the aquarium temperature is on the low end of their range. If they don't eat well, suspect that something may not be right. This is one of the hardest parts of raising angelfish properly, because as stated earlier, they are sensitive to poor water quality, and what is the quickest way to bad water? That's right...over feed them! Now, since you want big robust angelfish, you will usually risk overfeeding in order to be sure they are getting adequate amounts. This makes it essential that you check for and remove any uneaten food approximately 3-5 minutes after feeding. You can see now why we recommend a bare bottom aquarium. Angelfish are generally not picky eaters. Healthy angelfish will accept most foods when hungry enough and eventually learn to love them. Don't feed your angelfish for a day or two prior to introducing a new food. Then for the first few feedings give them only one or two bites of the new food. This is usually enough to get them to go after it with enthusiasm.

Don't feed your angelfish for a day or two prior to introducing a new food

As a caretaker you must know that being aggressive in nature, Angelfish must not be kept in a tank having other aggressive aquarium mates, else Angelfish may get stressed and its aggression may increase in an effort to protect its food and territory.

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Hello: I have a couple of angelfish and I have frozen bloodworms and daphnia in the freezer. I find when I put either of these in the tank, it sinks fast and the angelfish ignore it waiting for flakes that float on the top. When it sinks will the angelfish look for it on the bottom?? I do not want it to rot at the bottom. Thank you

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Angelfish Fry - For the first 3 weeks of their life you will find it difficult to raise any number of high quality angelfish with anything other than live foods such as live baby brine shrimp or microworms. We feed these exclusively for the first 4-5 weeks. Check this link for more details on hatching brine shrimp eggs. Introduction of a new fish food usually requires that it be introduced gradually. Angelfish should be voracious eaters when they are healthy and properly fed.

No one can tell you exactly how much food to put in an aquarium.