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The Fluval Spec is a small compact tank and is only 17.2 x 10.6 x 6.3 inches.
The tank holds 5 gallons of water, a fantastic sized tank for a betta fish.

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The best 5 gallon fish tank set that you can avail from the market at an affordable price is the Fluval Spec V aquarium kit which has the perfect combination of all the required equipment that a starter may need for his fish keeping hobby.

Fluval Spec V Aquarium 5 gallon, Black.

Fluval Spec V Aquarium Review and Unboxing - a 5 gallon fish tank ideal for betta .. Like all aquatic pets, betta’s need lots of room to live a healthy life. The Fluval Chi 5 gallon fish tank just what your fish need to remain healthy. This is an acrylic tank and will require you place it on a surface with adequate support all across the bottom.

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In this video I unbox the Fluval Spec V a fish tank / aquarium that I have bought to house a betta fish along with some live plants.

Want to know what you will get for your money? This full unboxing shows all the contents.

Here are the contents of the box…
1. Tank
2. Lid
3. LED light – with day and night mode
4. Filter (3 stage)
5. Activated carbon insert (to go with filter system)
6. BioMax insert (to go with filter system)
7. Pump (with tube for outlet)
8. Power cords for light and pump

In addition I bought a 50w Heater (25w may do the trick) it was a Hydor 50 Watt Heater -

This Fluval Spec V Aquarium is 20.5 inch long (52cm) x 7.5 inch high (19cm) and 11.6 inch high (29.5cm) and is 5 US gallons in volume. The tank is glass and has a solid aluminum frame. It also has a very neat black box compartment which houses the filter and pump keeping them out of site. The heater I bought also fits nicely into that section (did a little bit a measuring up before buying).

I was worried the heater may not work in this compartment due to not being directly in the water of the main section of the tank – however after doing some test (before adding fish) I confirmed that the water in the main section did still heat up.

For an up to date review of this tank since fully setting up (with live plants and a betta fish) check out our blog: ...

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Link to the heater I use with the tank:

Aquariums can have a calming and relaxing effect on us

Fluval Spec 5 gallon community tank. The tank has been established for 3 months now, all fish happy and get along really well together.

Inhabitants include:

2 Dwarf Gouramis
2 Guppies
1 Cherry Barb
1 Bristlenose Pleco
1 Assassin SnailIn the world of 5 gallon aquariums that you can house betta fish in, you’d have an extremely hard time trying to find a better tank than the Fluval Spec V. Small enough to fit on a desktop or counter, yet spacious enough for your betta to swim freely, the Spec V from Fluval is a great place to start in designing your ideal betta aquarium setup!I use the 5-Gallon Fluval Chi strictly as a shrimp tank, and it's been great so far for the last eight months. Shrimp produce little biowaste, so the filter is sufficient enough to keep the water clear. It is essentially a nano-tank, so I wouldn't recommend keeping too many fish in here. The common rule of thumb is 1 inch of fish for every gallon of tank. In this case, it would be 5 inches of fish. However, even I feel that may be too much for a tank this size, Fluval Chi or not.

I've made several aesthetic modifications that I discuss in the video. Without these modifications, the Fluval Chi's filter and light still function perfectly fine.

- It looks stunning. That's what it's made to do, and it does it exceedingly well.
- The filter works great for what I need. The water is always clear, and cloudiness after a water change clears up in just 1-2 hours. Sometimes, I've had it clear up in just 30 minutes.
- You DO NOT need to REPLACE the filters for any reason. You just have to clean it.
- The filter is REALLY QUIET! Set up properly, you shouldn't even hear it.
- The light casts a beautiful glow on everything in the tank, especially at night or when it's dark.

- Evaporation is a factor for every tank, but a little moreso for this one, especially if you've got one without a lid.... or if you've got pets...
- Plant basket can be a death trap for small organisms like shrimplets or fish fry.
- The magnetic switch on the light weakens over time. Mine still works, but I cannot simply just push it up against the magnet anymore. It needs to be locked in place.
- Turning the light on and off DOES get your fingers wet when you lock it into place, and doing this may also move your filter around a little so that the water isn't flowing down both sides evenly.

The Fluval Chi can be purchased through PetSmart, but I purchased mine through Amazon here:

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