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My Top 5 floating aquarium plants they are pretty easy I use the seachem flourish line . I dont use excel but i use a product called CIDEX METRICIDE . I dose it ...

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Amazon Frogbits are more or less a cluster of floating leaves. They are green and circular in shape. These are some really nifty plants to have in bright indoor aquariums or in sunny outdoor aquariums because the way they float on top of the water helps to provide shade for your fish.

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10 Water Lettuce [Pistia Stratiotes] Dwarf/Mini Live Aquarium Floating Plants WATER LETTUCE: Water lettuce is a very large floating plant that is suitable for ponds and large aquariums. Bare in mind this plant doesn't do well in cold ...

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Floating plants by far are the easiest plants to grow in the aquarium. Lighting is of little concern because they are so close to the light and they draw whatever nutrients they need from the water. Here are five aquarium favorites:

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Floating aquarium plants are an amazing feature to have in any tank. Floating plants are not attached to the bottom of the tank and they come in a lot of different shapes and sizes from very small to over a foot in diameter. Some of them have roots that hang in the water from the plants floating above them.The aeration in a planted aquarium is usually regulated by live plants just as it would have been in the wild. Some of the floating aquarium plants regulate oxygen so that the fish can breathe.With so many different types of species of floating aquatic plants, you can definitely find the one that fits your aquarium the best. However you might be wondering why would you have floating plants in your tank? Well, today I’m going to share some of the benefits of having such plants in your aquarium.Floating aquarium plants give you the feeling of a wilderness with some of them having roots that hang down freely. Having a will not only add to the attractiveness of the aquarium, but it will also allow your fish to feel right at home.