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When people first see this plant, often they think it is like any other stem plant and should be planted in the gravel. While it looks like any other bunched stem plant, it is actually a true floating plant that never grows roots. The stems branch profusely with thick clusters of needle-brush like leaves. It is often used in breeder aquariums because it offers excellent cover for fry. You will need to thin out the growth regularly because it will keep growing in layers on top of itself and then the lower layers will start to die off due to lack of light and litter the tank with dead leaves. Studies have also shown that the plant emits a chemical in the water that helps to retard algae growth. The plant is native to North America and tolerant of a wide range of temperatures and water parameters.

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Floating aquarium plants, often with long decorative roots, are popular in many types of aquarium setups. With good reason! There are many advantages to keeping floating plants in your planted aquarium; although they may not always be ideal combined with plants that need a lot of light, they are a great addition to almost every setup and quite easy to grow.

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15 + Water Lettuce Live Floating Aquarium Plants on sale Water sprite reproduces the same way that all ferns do, and adventitious plantlets form on the parent plant, which are then released into the water. Because of this, you will notice numerous floating plants in an aquarium, which will then grow into full plants.

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Duckweed is a small floating aquarium plant that isn't found at most LFS for no appearing reason. I had gotten mine when a small amount came with a shipment of fish and within a week it had covered the top of a 10 gallon tank. It is probably the easiest aquarium plant available to the home aquarist and known to thrive and grow very fast With low light setups, no added fertilization, and no Co2. When keeping this plant with a tank that has substrate rooted plants, you might need to trim the duckweed regularly due to its accelerated growth rate, and it blocking out light for other plants.

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