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It is a very high quality flake food. Doesn't cloud up water and isn't greasy to the touch. very dry and floats in tank. Fish love it and really rings out the color and makes them healthy.

Brine Shrimp Direct Artemia Plus Flakes are an ideal food for angelfish. Manufactured using low-temperature technology.

The TetraMin Tropical Flakes will not cloud your water and is a easily digestible fish food that promotes long life. It features the patented ProCare, a health enhancing blend that contains Omega 3 fatty acids (gives fish healthy fat needed for energy and growth), ingredients that boosts the fish’s immune system and a biotin supplement to bolster metabolism. It comes in container sizes from 0.42oz – 4.52lb.

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Tropical flakes fish food HBH Graze Flakes is vegetarian flake fish food meant for herbivorous fish. It includes carrot, algae, spirulina, green pea, spinach, romaine lettuce, alfalfa, kale, and zucchini. These HBH veggie flakes also provide the necessary nutrients for non-herbivorous fish that require vegetables for breeding, conditioning, and optimum health. Consider supplementing with HBH Graze Flakes even if the fish already have plants growing in the aquarium, as these flakes' unique blend of vegetables ensures that your pets receive all the necessary nutrients.

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Aquarian Tropical Flake Advanced Nutrition flake food consists of natural ingredients such as antioxidants, beetroot, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Meant primarily for tropical fish, Tropical Flake Advanced Nutrition keeps aquarium water clear and clean, while providing optimum, balanced nutrition. This Aquarian flake food includes marigold extract to enhance and accentuate the fish's natural coloring, as well as kelp, carbohydrates with natural protein, fish protein, vitamins, and antioxidants.

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Brine Shrimp Direct manufactures a variety of excellent flakes to promote growth, enhance color, and maintain the health and vigor of your fish. Note that all our flake foods contain carophyll as a source of astaxanthin to enhance color. Natural fish food shipped directly to you and your fish. Let us be your go to supplier whenever your fish get hungry. Whether you need just a little or bulk fish food pellets, fish flakes and freeze dried fish food, be assured your fish will be getting the very best fish food available. By aquarium hobbyists for aqaurium hobbyists we can provide a fresh and reliable source of the finest fishfood and aquarium supplies at factory direct prices. Now you can feed your fish a healthy natural diet of fish food.We believe in using only 100% natural ingredients to give your fish the best possible food. Our food is made daily using NO preservatives guaranteeing the food you buy is always fresh. Bestflake brand Fishfood has always and will always be proudly manufactured in the USA using ingredients that are grown and processed in the USA.Antiprotozoan: This is for treatment of protozoans like Hexamita and Spironucleus. Hi-Protein Flake is now used to make up the base formula for this flake. Fish that have been infected by protozoans have generally lost weight and are in need of the extra protein during their recovery period. It is most effective when combined with a heat treatment. Feed twice a day for six consecutive days. Feed no other food during this time.