Fly Fishing Dog Collar by Up Country | BaxterBoo

This Fishing Dog Collar features 3 Labrador Retrievers chillin' in a canoe with fishing gear right at their paws! Purple mountains and green trees make up the awesome scenic background behind the pups...oh wait there is an orange fish that the Lab Trio just let get away! Darn...

Deep Sea Fishing Dog Collars by Our Good Dog Spot! #dogcollars #fishingdogcollars #preppy #fishing

Red white and Blue fishing lures and tackle on brown make this such a fun collar option for the outdoors loving dog! If you've ever wanted to take your dog on a fishing trip this is the collar for you! The collar pictured here has been shown with an upgraded brass D ring. Our standard d ring is nickel.

WINGO Fish Skin Dog Collars | Feather-Craft Fly Fishing

Leatherman Marlin/Sportfishing Boat Dog Collar - Ocean Isle Beach Fishing Center North Carolina This Maine Lobster Boat Dog Collar will keep your fishing buddy lookin' marvelous while cruising the beautiful sea coast of Maine.

Dublin Dog Trout Dog Collars | Trout Gifts | Online Fly Fishing Shop

This fishing dog collar features a tan background that sports fishing tackle and fishing baskets, the perfect collar for your lakeside companion dog.

Dog Collars - Ocean Isle Beach Fishing Center ..

Brook Trout One of the most striking and colorful of the trout family, your dog will look like a fish out of water without it. No rods or nets required to bag this beautiful dog collar specimen.Check out our most recent collar, The Trout Fly Fishing Dog Collar, available on our site today! #ourgooddogspot #preppydogcollars #fishingdogcollars