Surgeonfish: Tang Fish, Yellow Tangs and other Surgeons

Properly called the “Forcipiger Flavissimus” you might recognize this fish as the Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish or Forceps Fish. Found mostly in the Indo-Pacific region, you’ll find this bright yellow fish hanging out on Reef flats solo as well as in schools.

A big manta ray swimming through a group of yellow fish while diving in Maldives Islands.

Also called yellow saddle goatfish, these small-eyed, yellowish gray adults are found on coral or rubble bottoms of reef flats in Red Sea, Hawaii, Maldives and South Africa. They eat small fish, shrimps and crabs during daytime. Large fish can live solitary but the juveniles in schools.

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DESCRIPTION: Bright yellow surgeonfish with white caudal spine. Has a distinctly pointed snout. *High mercury levels have been found in blackfish (bowfin), catfish, jack fish (chain pickerel), warmouth, and yellow perch caught south and east of Interstate 85.

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Unfortunately, even canned chunk light tuna may contain bigeye. This may actually be because juvenile bigeye are being caught in purse seining nets alongside the smaller skipjack (this also happens with juvenile yellowfin). Catching juvenile tuna, from threatened or overfished stocks, is a big problem because they are caught before they have had chance to breed.

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Best stretch: There are hold over stocked trout scattered throughout the length of the Yellow Breeches and fair to very good numbers of wild trout, mostly browns especially in the reaches upstream of US Rt. 15 to the headwaters. There are areas holding wild trout downstream of there too. The mile long Special Regulations area beginning downstream of Boiling Springs Lake is popular with fly fishers.The Yellow Wrasse I have has been very easy going. He does not bother the other fish or invertebrates, and will eat just about any food offered."There used to be more than 150 species of fish living in the Yellow River, but one-third have disappeared for good," an unnamed Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) official told 's People's Daily newspaper. Yellow Tangs should have an aquarium of about 100 gallons for adequate hidingspaces and swimming room. They are best suited for a fish only tank. They enjoya rich coral environment, but will eat invertebrates. Either keep a single fishor a group of at least 6 to spread out aggression. They are active, curiousaquarium inhabitants. They pay attention to what is going on in and outside theaquarium. Yellow Tangs react quickly to inappropriate pH levels.