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Goldfish need very large tanks, please have a read of our article on for more information. Think of the little goldfish you see in the shops as babies – your own child most likely started off in a Moses basket, then a crib or cot, then a toddler bed, then a single bed. The small tanks you find in a lot of shops are the equivalent of a Moses basket or cot – they are less expensive, but they can only be used for a few months. You can keep baby fish in them, but they will need a bigger tank very quickly, and you need to weigh up the pros and cons of having to buy several tanks, against buying just one that will be suitable for the full life of the goldfish.

Why do we tend to overcrowd small tanks? Isn’t it because what we wanted in the first place was a nice big aquarium and fish display?

Goldfish should end up huge, and live a very long time, if they are kept in appropriate conditions. It is often reported that goldfish grow to the size of their tank. This is unfortunately not the case, please have a read of our article on ‘‘ for more information on this fishkeeping myth. Goldfish in small tanks usually become stunted, and often die prematurely due to the environmental and care problems associated with lack of space and small tanks.

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Small Fish Tanks Most commonly, mini tanks come in one, two, three and five-gallon sizes. These are very small tanks, and your stocking options are minimal. If this is the kind of tank you are interested in, my advice is to ignore the smallest models and go with at least a 5-gallon tank. While still small, at least you have some options, and if you do it right you won't compromise the health of your fish.

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Five-gallon tanks don't take up much more room than those mini tanks, and are small enough that they don't need a special stand. The 5-gallon tank allows kids (and adults, too) to get a better view of fish behavior. They are suitable for creating micro ecosystems you'd never be able to establish in a smaller tank. This, of course, is much better for the inhabitants of your tank, but also for for children who can enjoy the .

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Because of their small size and frequent lack of filtration, smallfish tanks and fish bowls require a great deal more maintenance than alarger fish tank that has a reasonable probability of becoming - andremaining - stable.The Waterscape Aquarium Exhibit held at the Misawa Design Institute features a series of small architectural and artsy fish tanks designed by Hakura Misawa.Fish bowls are slightly different from small fish tanks. Primarily,since a fish bowl does not have filtration (see the definitionsabove), a fish bowl is only a septic tank collecting thefish's waste and making the fish soak in it.So you but you don’t have the room for a 5-gallon Betta tank. Well, there are some great small Betta fish tanks out there that can make a perfect home for your Betta without taking up too much space on your counter or desk.