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The Aquaponics Garden is a small-scale, low-hassle food growing system—or a fishtank that cleans itself, depending on how you look at it. The fish poop that fouls ordinary tanks is pumped up to the plants above, which are growing in nothing more than little pails full of pebbles; the fish excretion provides the nutrients. As a result, the user gets fresh spinach, baby greens, oregano, beans, basil, mint, parsley, thyme et cetera, no green thumb necessary.

Meet our new Water Garden — it's a self-cleaning fish tank that grows organic sprouts and herbs on top. We're bringing a full ecos

Maintaining our in home aquariums can take up a large part of our day. Sure you could simply remove all of your fish and give the tank a through scrub rather than regular maintenance but this actually hurts the environment you are trying to create. To keep the tank going long term consistent action must be taken, and what better tool could there be than the tank itself?

When you find the best self cleaning fish tank that suits your home the work needed to house fish, frogs and inverts are cut back dramatically. Unfortunately there are far too many aquariums springing up that are far from self cleaning and actually cause more work than a plain tank.

The majority of the self cleaning fish tank designs are plant based, with a few that focus on unique suction designs. Most of the latter have failed but personally I've found one that works perfectly.

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Meet our new Water Garden — it's a self-cleaning fish tank that grows organic sprouts and herbs on top. We're bringing a full ecos My Fun Fish the aquarium that cleans itself like magic. Just add clean water and the dirty water flows out the cleaning spout. My Fun Fish Tank is always crystal clear and provides your fish with a happy, healthy home. My Fun Fish Tank as seen on TV will captivate your family’s imagination with an incredible water world. My Fun Fish Tank any room into an under-water world of discovery. Include My Fun Fish Tank, 1 white LED light, stones and plant. Fish not included.

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Cute, but as an aquarist with +50 years experience, it's really easy to clean such a small tank; you put aside a gallon of water to allow the chlorine to outgas and just net out the fish for a minute, dump the old water and pour in the new. A small stick sponge from an aquarium shop will clean the inside glass nicely. Takes all of a few minutes.

This reminds me of the Kickstarter project (that appallingly took in 250K $!) featuring a 'home aquaponics self cleaning fish tank' that promised to produce all sorts of veggies and greenery from the fertilizer output of one or two tiny fish, which also wouldn't in any way be 'self cleaning'. Face it, something alive needs a bit of work and attention, as it should be.

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