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Saltwater aquariums, from a 30-gallon fish-only saltwater aquarium to a 55-gallon reef tank, along with the aquatic life within them bring a certain charm and elegance to any room. While you don't have to be a seasoned aquarist or a skilled marine hobbyist to appreciate the beauty of live coral and various species of brightly colored saltwater fish, maintaining a saltwater aquarium or reef tank does require dedicated work. There are maintenance procedures that must be performed regularly, typically on a daily, weekly and bi-weekly basis, to ensure good water quality for the health of your fish and plants. Furthermore, proper tank maintenance entails the use of a variety of tools, which include protein skimmers, water pumps, and air filters. As the price of each adds up and becomes costly, it is important to note the role played by each item and their significance in maintaining your saltwater aquarium. By ridding your aquarium water of organic waste compounds, which can consist of anything from proteins and trace elements to fatty acids and other organic materials that could potentially cause harm to your aquatic life, protein skimmers are important in sustaining a comfortable, livable and stress-free environment for your saltwater fish and other aquatic life. Learn more about the various types available and select the protein skimmer that is best for your saltwater aquarium.

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Research is a vital part of this process and warnings shouldn’t be ignored, we’re talking about living things here. You need to pay attention to the pump requirements and the needs of your tank. You’ll also need to check the sizing, instillation requirements, and any components that don’t come with the pump kit (some cheap protein skimmer kits don’t include everything you need). So read through this buying guide with a detailed eye and get cracking on your options. This list is for the best protein skimmers designed for fish tanks between 150 gallons and 300 gallons.

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Protein Skimmer Filter Pump for Large Aquarium Fish Tank Salt Water 800GPH Jebo aquarium filter And even if your tank holds freshwater fish, a skimmer can still help. If you have a filter system that’s working too hard, then a skimmer can be the answer to your problem.

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Essentially, the protein skimmer really helps in and . This is absolutely necessary equipment when you have a reef aquarium or large fish in the tank, as these types of marine life can be .

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The majority of unwanted organic wastes found in our aquariums collect at the surface of a gas-liquid interface. These "surface-active" materials, including fish wastes, uneaten food, and decomposing matter are what we attribute to increasing our tanks pollution. We associate this extra waste with increases in nuisance algaes, cyanobacterial blooms, and having a generally unhealthy tank appearance. Therefore, when we add new fish, and/or increase the volume of foods in our tank, we hope to remove an equal amount of potential pollution. The good news is we can reduce some of these potential wastes by removing them from the water before they cause problems. One method of removing organic wastes from a fish tank is through foam fractionation (skimming). Counter current skimmers usually feature a single column with separate air and water inputs. Air is forced from the bottom of the column, while water flows from the top. The height of the column affects the number of bubbles being produced, making these protein skimmers ideal for deep fish tanks.