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Let’s face it, when most people dive into fish keeping, live plants usually do not even come to mind. I'd like to change this! Live plants offer outstanding aesthetic qualities and many benefits to the occupants of your fish tank. Look at it this way, if you already have the knowledge to care for fish, what’s the big deal with caring for a couple of live plants? In this article, I'll discuss the benefits of live plants in aquariums and cover some aquatic plants that even the most inexperienced beginner can handle!

Live plants are great because there are so many benefits in having them in your betta fish tank.

Another one of my personal favourites! In The Netherlands, we call it ‘water pest’, and for a not without reason; it grows like crazy. Anacharis can be left floating, but grows fine when planted as well – the parts bought from the store usually die off quite quickly, but they are replaced by fresh, live leaves. If you own herbivorous or omnivorous fish, growing Anacharis in a separate aquarium can provide you with a steady amount of (free) healthy fish food, but the plant looks great in planted tanks as well and can help compete with algae because it grows so quickly.

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Here are some of the best live plants to add into your betta fish tank, Freshwater aquariums usually include plants. Most tropical fish come from river and lake environments where plants are plentiful, so it only makes sense. Whether live or artificial, plants offer a place for fish to hide and feel secure. They’ll also make your fish tank look much nicer, and can create a realistic natural habitat for the inhabitants of your aquarium.

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Java fern is a green, lush plant that is best anchored to a piece of driftwood in your betta fish’s tank. This live plant survives well in water that does not circulate, and does best in medium to low amounts of lighting. This type of plant features parts considered “arms” that are long and flow with the water. You should not bury / plant the roots as they can rot, just attach this plant with some fine fishing string to wherever you would like the plant to grow.

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