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Some people have previously posted that they have had issues with sudden death of a fish after the addition of a plastic plant or multiple plastic plants. Here’s my question to you: did you take it directly out of the package and place it in your tank as soon as you got home from the store? If so, that it probably why your fish died. Between factory production and packaging, it is possible and likely that it will come in contact with some dangerous (to fish) chemicals or that it will have small particles or granules on it either from the hands of a factory or warehouse worker or from the conveyor belt.

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I’ve never had a positive experience with an artificial plant tank. The plants become completely disgusting, algae makes maintenance annoying, the pH is never correct, and the fish aren’t as happy. I feel like the plastic really lowers the water quality over time as well, but that’s just a personal feeling.

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Elodea Densa Plant Live Aquarium Fish Tank Plant Egeria Goldfish Weed Oxygenator *PO4 (phosphate): 1.0-2.0 ppm. Anything higher can feed algae more than plants.
However, since phosphorous/phosphates facilitates root growth, if phosphates are too low in a fish tank, it might actually aid in algae growth, since algae have no roots and could outperform poorly rooted plants for nutrients.

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There’s more to fish tank decorations than simple aquarium plants and gravel. Aquarium decorations range in styles and can make your set-up a visual masterpiece. Many aquarists consider their fish tank décor to be part of a greater interior design scheme that puts their pets on display the same way they would show off a work of art.

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1. Java Moss
Java Moss is a favorite among those who maintain a fish tank or aquarium. This particular aquatic plant is popular for a number of reasons. For example, its’ fairly easy to install and maintain. It doesn’t require any sort of special layer or gravel in order to thrive. Most importantly, it’s known to help absorb excess nutrients, which helps with algae control. This could be helpful for those who don’t have an exact idea of how much plant food they need to put into their fish tanks.Ultimately, most aquatic plants would serve a purpose of controlling the algae population in the fish tank. You are having the plants and algae compete for the nutrients so the more plants you have in the fish tank, the less likely it would be for the algae to thrive.