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This is the Nano Mag by Two Little Fishies. Positives: Magnet is super strong and cleans easier than other magnetic cleaners, is flexible and cleans the curved glass areas found in all nano cube all-in-one style systems, and is only 1/8th inch thick and easily slips behind rock and corals close to the glass cleaning with ease. Negatives: the product feels like it may fall apart after long term use unlike other magnetic cleaners, it leaves a 3/8th inch uncleaned area next to the tank trim unless you pull the outer magnet off the glass and hold it half on the trim and half on the glass to force the inner cleaning magnet onto the uncleaned strip. The benefits of this product far outweigh the negatives and I'm sure future designs will address these issues. I give it 9 out of 10 this product is a must have for all nano reefers.

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The one unique feature about this betta aquarium glass cleaner is that this particular make and model incorporates the wonderful feature of “flotation” in their design. As I said before, there are many of these kind of magnetic scrub brushes for fish tanks on the market, many of them don’t float if dropped. That can always pose a problem if not just a simple inconvenience. As the two devices are held together by magnets, if you were to separate the two pieces too far apart, the one on the inside of the aquarium would fall to the bottom. Not in these. If you separate these two scrubbers too far apart, the one on the inside of the aquarium will simply float to the surface so you can easily set it back in place without having to stick your hand all the way into the bottom of the tank to retrieve the fallen fish tank scrubber. Without having to gone to that hassle so many times, you may not really understand how convenient that is. I really have no idea why it took the aquarium industry so long to have the brilliant idea to incorporate flotation into these devices. All I know is that I am really glad that somebody finally did!

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Magnetic Aquarium Fish Tank Glass Algae Scraper Cleaner Floating Clean Brush Sometimes it can be difficult to clean the insides of containers like vases and fish tanks. Many flower vases have an opening that is too narrow to fit your hand through and a shape that makes it inconvenient to use a brush. With a fish tank, you often have to drain the tank in order to clean the glass. Both of these problems can easily be solved with a simple magnetic scrubber. All you have to do is embed a strong magnet inside a sponge or other scrubbing tool. Then you can guide it with another magnet on the outside and clean even the most difficult to reach places.

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Magnetic cleaners are also available for the hands-off fishkeeper, consisting of a pair of powerful magnets with a cleaning pad or blades on one (for inside the tank) and a softer, friction-reducing pad on the other (for outside). These again may require more effort, since the magnets themselves are all that exert force on the glass, but are still preferred by many hobbyists. Large tanks with thick glass may require more expensive sets with very powerful magnets, or stopping every few wipes to pick up the inside magnet can become an exercise in frustration. In addition to magnet strength, things to look for include the type and ability to replace the cleaning pads or blades, and whether the set includes a handy retrieval string connecting the two magnets.

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