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This includes all the parts you need to make this nice lightweight fish tank lid. It provides sunscreen cover for the fishtank and guards against fish escapes.

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Also, there are only a couple of slow moving, bottom dwelling fish in that tank. All the rest are corals and invertebrates that don't move much. If you put cichlids in that tank, they'll be sailing half way across the room before you know it. If I lost a Frontosa every time I hear one hit the glass tops when it tries to jump, my colony would have been gone years ago.

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Why do you need glass lids for the tank anyway? Plan on getting fish that jump? Innovative Marine was the first and is still the only manufacturer that offers a mesh-top for their tanks, and DIY kits are also available for you to . But if you’ve been itching to replace that glass top you have to clean all the time, or if you’re tired of having fish jump out of your aquarium display, look no further than Artfully Acrylic’s Clearview Aquarium Lids.

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Obviously, fish taking flight is a big risk in these type of tanks not to mention the loss of water due to evaporation... They only see the loss in their sump.. With the heat generated by the halides - it has to be significant...

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In this video I talk about the materials, tools, and process needed to create a custom acrylic lid for your aquarium!

While open tanks are easy for access, they allow an opportunity for jumping fish to escape and increase evaporation greatly. Creating a custom acrylic lid will not only reduce evaporation but also keep your fish and other critters safe in your tank where they belong!

Follow me on Twitter! @RealFishTankGuyThis week I show how I build some DIY glass tops for my row of six 10g tanks that sit sideways. If you're going to tackle this one please be careful when handling glass as you can easily cut yourself.

Fishroom Build - Adding Six 10 Gallon Fry Tanks:

how to: DIY sliding aquarium glass lids/tops (Rich's Fishes):

Glass at Home Depot:

Outside corner molding:


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While some hobbyists forgo aquarium lids, others consider them indispensable tank accessories. Aquarium lids help to prevent fish from jumping out of tanks as well as help to maintain some thermal stability and slow the rate of evaporation. Aquarium lids are readily available commercially, but many aquarium hobbyists build their own. By using a sheet of acrylic, rather than glass, you will allow much more light to penetrate into the tank.If you are missing or have damaged the lid for your fish tank, you may want to learn how to make your own aquarium lid. It is very inexpensive to make your own aquarium lid, and most of the tools and materials are already sitting in your garage or can be found at any hardware store.