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In order to provide the ideal environment for your freshwater/saltwater fish, testing the water for accurate levels is key. There are several test kits available to help you accurately measure and maintain the chemicals in the water, but it is just as important to research the recommended target levels. For example, it is recommended that
alkalinity be above 75 mg/L in order to offset the effects of nitrifying bacteria. Since plants need carbon dioxide to survive, CO2 levels differ in plant-only tanks versus those containing only fish, or a combination of fish and aquarium plants. The more you learn about optimal levels, the better informed you are when using the tank water test.

For owners who consistently have issues with managing chemical levels, they may want to consider investing in biological filtration. A good mechanical filter should already be in place to help aid with managing potential toxins in the tank, but the addition of a biological filter takes things further. Helpful bacteria are introduced through the filter, and upon taking up residence in the aquarium, consume chemicals like ammonia and nitrite, effectively helping to maintain the ideal environment in your tank.

You may also want to install a device specifically intended to monitor chemicals constantly, reducing the need to regularly test for them. Seachem Ammonia has a sensor that detects and monitors ammonia, which is considered the most common killer of fish in tanks. The sensor alerting you when levels are increasing well before your fish start to feel stress, and it lasts for over a year. Look for this and all of your fishkeeping supplies online and in your local pet stores.

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What make it different from other kits is the Penguin 75 filter, which works in a completely different way from other power filters in the market. For the most biological filtration performance, the Penguin 75 filter uses a bio-wheel, which rotates during operation to enhance aeration for the work of helpful bacteria. These microorganisms well-known contribute to a healthy and established fish tank that is free of nitrogenous toxins (ammonia and nitrite) and ideal for stocking fish. If you are a fan of power filters with Bio-Wheels, the kit is a great choice to start with.

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Shop Tetra for a diverse selection of home fish tanks and aquarium kits! Most aquarium starter kits do not readily include a heater so items such as these must be acquired separately. Additional supplies like algae cleaning magnets and mini gravel vacuums should be considered to better care for your valued aquariums and pets whether intended for cold water fish or tropical fish. For cold water fish, you should think about buying natural looking sand/gravel to help them feel secure and for tropical fish like betta, you could insert hollow driftwood for them to relieve stress. Of course, filtration is a crucial component to a well-balanced aquarium and the options stated in this article provide exceptional cleaning systems to ease the burden of maintenance. Now the only thing left for you to do is choose your style of fish tank!

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You’ve got a lot of options here for a spectrum around the 30 gallon aquariums size, for all your needs. You could go on the lower end of the spectrum or the larger one. It all depends on how many fish you’re keeping, which fish you’re keeping, and where you plan on having this tank reside in your home. Regardless of whether you decide to make it a 30 gallon freshwater aquarium or a 30 gallon saltwater aquarium, any of the sizes listed will work. Many of these large fish tanks for sale are combo kits but for someone who just wants a no frills tank, that’s an option here too, as well as a self cleaning fish tank option.

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