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Regular cleaning and water changes can keep most algae problems in fish tanks in control. Take ornaments out of the aquarium and clean them with an algae pad. Soak the items for five minutes in a solution of 1 part household bleach to 20 parts water. Rinse them thoroughly in clean water until you cannot smell bleach on them. Pull algae growths out of the tank, and scrape algae off the tank walls and other surfaces with an algae pad or other specialized cleaning tool. Don't use kitchen cleaning equipment; these can contain chemical residues that are harmful to fish and plants. Change the tank water after cleaning. Tap water contains nutrients that help algae thrive, so before adding it to your aquarium, apply a water chemical neutralizer or use a reverse-osmosis/deionization or RO/DI filter. Replace up to 30 percent of aquarium water with fresh water every week. Green water often clears if you'll conduct daily changes of 10 to 15 percent.

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Fish tanks require a lot of cleaning due to algae growth and waste from the fish. Often times, the green algae will cover the glass of the tank, ...

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My fish tank is green, not the water, what can i do so my fish tank don’t turn green any more. SERIOUS problems with green slime - weird part is this is our 3rd betta and we have never had this before. 2.5 gal tank with filter, total water change and tank scrubbed every 3weeks. betta eats 3-4 pellets of food a day, no leftover food in tank. we use bottled water with 6 drops of water conditioner and approx 1/2 tsp aquarium salt. this has always worked well and out last betta lasted 4.5 years. this little guy - whole different story. filter will be totally dark green and slimy by the 3rd or 4th day! stinky, stinky fish smell - from one little fish! he seems happy and healthy - don't know what to do.

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Hey everybody Ive had the same problem with green water in my tank for about 6 months i did everything I could water changes every other day, filter changes even ran a diaton filter through my tank several times and none of that worked. I even went as far as setting up another tank thinking that would fix it I WAS WRONG. I finally fixed the problem over night litteraly. I had a heater in my tank that was heating the water up to much killing my fish ant turning my tank green. So my advice to you is if you have a heater in your tank unpluge it for a night and see if that is it. It worked in my case my tank went from green to crystal clear overnight.

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If you sit back and think about it, the only real problem thatgreen water produces is an aesthetic one. The fish in your tankdon't care one bit how green the water is! In fact, the subdued lighting due to thegreen water blocking some of the light is probably appreciated by most fish. Sowe need to put this situation in a proper perspective. Sure it doesn'tlook good, but the algae is there for a reason. Instead of seeing it asa plague in your tank, you should try to see it as a sign of an imbalance in yourtank.The most common type of micro algae found in fish tanks are green algae, white algae, and brown algae too (). Algae are all very important to all ecosystems on earth. They provide for a very large food source for most aquatic animals and they also account for over 70 percent of all oxygen that is created, oxygen which humans and other animals need to survive.