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@ Joe. If your Betta has ich why in the world would you put him in with other fish? Get him outta there and treat him in his own tank! Warmer water and aquarium salt should get the job done. Watch for signs the parasites have moved to the other fish, which they likely have. If so, you will have to treat your 10-gallon tank as well.

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@anonymous: If you want to keep the water in top quality, you will need a filtering system, even just a regular hang on back filter. In my case, I use one for my 5-gallon betta tank. The rest of my tanks are 2 gallon tanks that are all bare so I just change the water every 3 to 4 days (full water changes here). It's quite time-consuming, but that's part of the hobby. I'm not sure about the red spots. Is it possible for you to show us some pictures of your betta fish so we can diagnose it properly? Thanks, Michelle!

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The minimum tank size that should be used for a betta fish setup should be at least or larger. Yeah, neon tetras prefer a longer tank, they like to swim in their school and do so length ways, not so much vertically. As you have read I like to say leave 5 gallons for your betta fish’s personal territory before adding fish, then as a general rule every inch of fish should be an extra gallon.

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Hello I just got a new Betta fish that I am excited for I got him a 5 gallon tank because the bigger the better and plants and a leaf hammock to rest on when he is tired and a heater and quiet flow filter because I know they hate wavy water. And gravel I am going to 20-25 percent water changes with him using a siphon. Using water conditioner. Is there anything I still need to get?

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Decide how many fish you’d eventually like to have and buy an aquarium that will fit them all. Betta Fish are also known as Siamese Fighting Fish (for a good reason), and the male Betta Fish are very territorial and should generally be kept in their own tank or they WILL fight. Females can co-exist better, yet you will still even find females in their own containers in the pet store. I recommend at least a 1 gallon tank/aquarium but a 3to 5 gallon one is better. You can keep Betta Fish in smaller containers like vases and bowl’s but they definitely aren’t as happy, and if there is no filter then you need to change more water frequently. Ammonia buildup in the tank is the biggest problem and its produced by the Betta Fish eating. So the smaller the aquarium the quicker the concentration of ammonia builds up. Plus Betta Fish thrive when they have plenty of room to swim.Chances are your tap water is full of harsh chemicals like fluoride and chlorine, not exactly ideal for a Betta Fish. You can buy water treatment for just a few dollars from your pet store, follow the instructions and it will tell you how much treatment to add based on your tank size. You can either do this the tank itself or if you have another large and clean container to prep the water in that’s fine. You’ll also want to bring the water up to room temperature and see if its warm enough. Betta’s are tropical fish and prefer temps between 78-82. So add the water to the tank and put a thermometer in it to monitor the temperature. If its too cold then you can buy small heaters for under $10 that lay under the gravel and raise the temp a few degrees. I purchased a small heater by Hydor and it got the temp up from 75 to 78. That may not seem like a big jump but it made all of the difference in the world to our Betta fish. I couldn’t believe how much more active and colorful it was after I added the heater.