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The is a hugely popular fish in the hobby because of its striking coloration and a body that resembles a shark. It made it to the list not because it is difficult to care for, which it is not for the most part, but due to its highly territorial nature. The red-tailed shark won’t tolerate other red-tailed sharks in the tank or similar species such as the rainbow shark, and I’ve kept certain individuals over the years that have harassed smaller fish in my community tanks, which is often how beginner fishkeepers set up their first tanks. If you do choose to keep this fish, ensure that your tank isn’t populated with timid individuals as they may suffer from this shark.

If you’ve decided on keeping a cold water fish tank, here are some ideas for beginners.

There is absolutely no sight that I despise more than to see a tank stocked with fish that have been dyed to "enhance" their appearance. Widely distributed examples of such fish are "painted glassfish," "jellybean parrots," or "fruit tetras." All of these fish have gone through a despicable process to gain their unnatural appearance that has caused harm to the fish. Some fish such as painted glassfish are injected with a dye by a needle. Since the injection only covers a small area, the fish are subjected to a number of punctures, many of which can become infected. It is very painful and stressful for the fish as well as causing problems with their immune systems down the road. Another even worse method involves dipping the fish in a solution to strip them of their protective slime coats. After that, they are dipped or injected with dye and then placed in a solution that irritates the fish to regrow the slime coat. Needless to say, this is very detrimental to the fish's health longterm. As much as eighty percent of the fish die during the process while the rest have a much shorter lifespan than their natural counterparts. For as much discomfort as it causes, the dye is only temporary in most cases and will fade within months after either method is employed. The only reason these fish exist is because they are popular. Please do not support such gross mistreatment of helpless creatures. They should not be in a beginner's tank or anyone's tank at all.

This video is about an Intro to our new Fish Tank for beginners

For beginners, I recommend to look for fish that are hardy, that are easy to care for and that get along with others in the tank. Don’t let the naysayers scare you off the thought of putting together a saltwater aquarium. Yes, maintaining a saltwater aquarium takes a bit more effort because saltwater fish are more sensitive to changes in the water and their environmental surroundings. Plus, you’ll have to pay closer attention to the ph levels to ensure a stable and comfortable environment for all the fish. It should be noted that some species are hardier than others when it comes to changes in the water.

Once you’re up and running with a saltwater aquarium the next obvious question is what are the best saltwater aquarium fish to put in the tank? Everyone has their preferences, but listed below are my favorite types when I was a salt water aquarium fish beginner.

Easy Aquarium Maintenance Guidelines For Beginners - Fish Tank Filter

Even though all these fish may be easier for beginners to care for, they do have their own quirks and specialized needs. It is important to research different types of fish before choosing which ones to add to the tank, and understanding their different needs will make it easier to keep them happy and healthy.

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