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Become an expert in your fish tank filtration with this highly recommendable filter, thanks to its ability to suit medium aquariums on 20 to 70 gallons of water.

It can make or break your tank’s health and beauty, because poor filtration means poor plant growth and poor fish coloration.

The Penguin & Emperor has good mechanical filtration (little flow-by), but are not as good for bio filtration , which is vastly over-rated as per the tests I performed through my aquarium maintenance business. I removed the bio wheel on penguin filters in comparable aquariums with comparable bio loads and fish and found no discernible ammonia spike. Yet when HOB filters that had running Sponge Pre Filters attached to their intakes were removed, there were discernible ammonia spikes. What this means is that the Bio Wheel was NOT the primary source or even an important source of bio filtration for the tanks with the bio wheels.

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Find amazing prices on your aquarium filter and fish tank filtration supplies The refiltration flow system allows the owner to adjust the water input depending on the type of fish and plants that are placed in the aquarium. Some types of fish are sensitive to a powerful water flow and can not survive. This is considered the for gentle water flow. The alternate filter inserts that can be purchased separately allows anyone to create the exact type of fish tank they desire. This product also comes with a 2-year warranty on any defects of the filter making it a great water for your next purchase.

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are on the higher end of the price scale but they are pricey for a reason. They work very well. Often there are multiple trays for a canister filter with each tray providing a type of filtration. The first tray could be a sponge that filters (mechanical and biological) the large particles. The second tray could be filled with zeolite that removes ammonia from the water (chemical). The third tray could be activated carbon which would further filter (chemical) the water. Most canister filters push the water from the bottom of the canister to the top but some work just the opposite. Find out which way yours works to get the most out of the canister filter. This is our personal choice of aquarium filter on most of our freshwater fish tanks.

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