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Mechanically, automatic feeders should last as long as the batteries last. I’ve seen automatic feeders that are well built that last for 10, 15 years. It’s more, can the fish survive just being fed via an automatic feeder. You have to have the feeder always working. I find when people rely on automatic feeders, they get very lazy and it just causes people to neglect their aquariums. Part of what keeps people interested in the aquariums is the daily interaction, which is mainly the feeding of their fish. When you put food in the tank and the fish eat it, it’s enhancing the bond that you have. So for that reason alone, I don’t recommend automatic fish feeders.

Fish Tank, 2 Month Automatic Fish Food Feeder, Organic Pet World Fish Obsession

However, if you’re very busy and you want to put an automatic feeder on the tank, don’t forget about it. It’s going to run out of food after about two or three weeks and you’re going to need to restock it. Even forgetting for a week is going to be a problem because those fish really rely on the feeders.

Best automatic fish feeders for fish tanks, reviews & using guide

Automatic Fish Tank Pond Food Feeder Feeding Timer Aquarium New - US$10.99

FFAZ Automatic Fish Feeder
FFAZ Fischfutterautomat
FFAZ Futterautomat

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How to Build an Automatic Fish Feeder - Rate My Fish Tank

Are you worried about having no time to feed your precious fish when you are on a business trip? Well, with this Automatic Fish Feeder, your fish will be always fed on time!

You can set up to four feeding times with this Automatic Fish Feeder and when the feeding time arrives the fish feeder will automatically release a programmed amount of dry fish pellets into your fish tank. Unlike other products, the plastic food drum of this automatic feeder is designed with moisture-proof features to keep the fish food dry. It's suitable for flakes, granules, or other dry, loose types of fish food.

The Automatic Fish Feeder can be easily clipped to any type of water tank or containers. Powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included), the Automatic Fish Feed can last for days so you can go on vacation without worrying about your little watery friends. It even has an LCD display and alarm that lets you know when the battery is low.

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