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Are the lights under a separate removable hood? If yes, then you can safely remove the hood and cover the tank temporarily with a bigger sized cardboard or equivalent surface. However make sure nothing falls in the fish tank water when you cover it temporarily. Inspect the hood and let it dry for some time. Check if the lights are working after a few hours.

sure nothing falls in the fish tank water when you cover it temporarily.

One glass 10 gallon aquarium;
One plastic tank cover with a socket for an incandescent light bulb;
One small plastic in-tank aquarium filter and some sample filter media;
A few feet of air hose;
An air pump;
Some aquarium gravel;
A small sample of fish food;
Samples of aquarium dechlorinator and/or water conditioner; and
An information booklet

The importance of fish tank covers in Aquaponics | Aquaponic Lynx LLC

to prevent fish from jumping out I would like to build a cover for my 29g tank. Covers are also there to prevent things from getting in. My cats will drink out of an open fish tank. Also, it prevents dirt and other debris (like my cats hair) from getting in the water.

Nov 22, 2010 - Some visual examples of why I cover my fish tanks.

DIY screen tops are very inexpensive, extremely easy to make and will keep your fish inside your aquarium where they belong. They allow better gas exchange, block very little light and are much easier and safer to move around when servicing your aquarium than glass covers.

In this Marine Depot Video, we'll show you how easy it is to make a screen cover for your tank using the clear ¼" netting we carry along with a couple of tools and a DIY screen kit from your local hardware store.

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As with filters, most new aquarium kits come with an aquarium hood or canopy. However, if yours does not, it is an essential purchase. Many freshwater fish jump out of the water every now and again, and the only thing that will keep them from getting out and dying on the floor is a hood or canopy covering their tank.Using PVC Pipes with Fish Tank Cover, Swirl Filter Design, Vertical Towers and The Chop MK2 System, easy to understand sharing on How To Build 4 PVC Aquaponics Systems. The People who share their practical knowledge and experience own and maintain these systems. Have a wonderful and enjoyable time watching and happy learning as well.
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