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This is my product review and demonstration of the Mag-Float Aquarium Cleaner for a glass aquarium. Please be advised that there are two variations of this cleaner, one for glass aquariums and one for acrylic aquariums. Additionally, please be warned that as this cleaning product has magnetic properties it will attract small magnetic iron particles that are in your aquarium and if not cleaned on occasion can scratch and damage the glass or acrylic. In my product demonstration I show you the functionality and efficiency of the mag float aquarium cleaner by cleaning the algae off the front of my fish tank that has accumulated over the course of several months. Additionally, I demonstrate how the mag float can float and how its magnetic properties allow you to easily traverse the corners of the aquarium. I plan to do a follow up review on the mag float after having used it for a few months.

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Magnavore-10 is ideal for service companies, zoos, public aquaria, and the occasional private individual lucky enough to need this truly amazing cleaning magnet. Designed for glass and acrylic tanks between 1" and 1 1/2" thick. Extra large 4" x 2 3/4" cleaning area. Precision crafted, beautiful to look at and efficient to use. Guaranteed to knock your socks off. The ultimate cleaning machine for ultimate fish tanks!

Fish Tank Magnetic Floating Glass Cleaner Algae Scraper Brush Clean‎

Aquarium Fish Tank Magnetic Floating Glass Cleaner Algae Scraper Brush Clean Scrubber This is the best product I have ever used! Works great on cleaning the Alge on the front and sides on your tank! I had Alge all on the front of my tank and the Mag Float cleaned it all off without getting my hands inside the fish tank. I would highly suggest this product to any one!

Easy way to keep your aquarium clean and free of algae

This is a great tool for keeping the algae out of fish tanks because it has some fantastic reviews and an affordable price. This is simply a magnet that attracts algae as it passes over the algae. This type of algae cleaning tool can really only be used for the glass of the fish tank but not for the substrate, plants, or other things like rocks and ornaments.

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