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I also use Koralia circulation pump's /wavemaker's,powerhead's,or whatever you want to cal em in pleco tank in addition to canister filter to create the flow that these fish enjoy. I have both my filters covered with sponges because my kuhlies like to go inside the filter and it was a pain getting them out when I got them in the beginning...they act like cats!

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Aquarium pumps are designed to pump air or water to maintain the health of an aquarium and its inhabitants by providing the circulation and oxygenation which prevent water stagnation. Although they are optional pieces of equipment, aquarium pumps are a staple ingredient to a smoothly functioning tank ecosystem. The purchase and installation of one should be considered by anyone planning on owning fish.

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359 Results - Great but Cheap Fish Tank Circulation Pump, Cheap Home Improvement,Pumps,Home & Garden,Water Pumps, as well as Cheap and more! I have a 29 gallon with an aqueon filter (for a 30 gallon) and a fluval c3 or whatever the red one is... I believe c3. So I get food oxygenation from those but when I cut off the circulation pump I hardly notice any water movement around the tank .. Only the surface. The pump seems to move the entire body around and I can tell my fish seem more active when its turned on.

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In general, yes. Propeller type circulation pumps (also used in saltwater as wavemakers) have a wider flow than powerheads, so for a given flowrate, the flow velocity will be lower, and gentler for the fish. The wider flow also helps to get a larger volume of the water circulating - which, in a planted tank is exactly what we want to get the nutrients and CO2 evenly distributed throughout the water column.

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Ive got a 30x22x12 tank (37 gallons). Ive started plants for the first time, low tech no , Im on about week 10. The tank isn't heavily planted (some swords, a crypt lutea, dwarf hair grass, s. repens). Also I have angelfish that have trouble when in front of the pump. Some diatoms have popped up and i wondered if circulation could help, with the dead spots.I've had my discus for about 2 years with no circulation pump. I thought with time they might get used to it. Fish are very familiar with me and friendly every time I go near the tank.Maximizing flow across the surface of your live rock is also important as live rock contains beneficial bacteria that break down fish waste and reduce nitrates through natural denitrification. The is an inexpensive water circulation pump that has its own prefilter and adjustable hanger making it a great choice for most tanks that need a bit more flow. Another option is the as it has a tiny footprint but puts out an adjustable flow rate up to 80 GPH which is perfect for nano tanks.
As contained aquatic ecosystems, aquariums require an external force to keep the water moving and filtered in order to prevent stagnation and the creation of an unsafe environment for plants and fish. Aquarium pumps and power heads provide the power needed to push water through the aquarium filter (if needed), or just to keep it circulating and healthy. Our Aquarium Pump store features a wide selection of top-of-the-line pumps for use in virtually every aquarium environment, whether large or small, fresh or saltwater.

Pet Mountain's Aquarium Pump store features top quality products from the most trusted names in aquarium care and equipment, including Rio, Marineland, Supreme, Aquatop, and more. are submersible and may be used with the Rio Pro Filter and/or Rio Large Fountain Heads. These pumps feature an energy-efficient design, are fully submersible, with quiet operation, low heat emission and a high flow rate. are 3-in-1 pumps that are ideal to meet the needs of internal/external functions in a powerhead, circulation pump or utility pump. These submersible maxi jet pumps are perfect for powering undergravel filters, protein skimmers, calcium reactors, or just for creating water movement within your tank. The is powerful, efficient, and versatile. With high flow rate and multi-purpose fittings, this pump can be used as a powerhead, circulation pump, and main system pump. Aquatop Submersible NP-Series Aquarium Pumps are ideal for small to medium aquariums, small ponds, water gardens and fountains. The NP series features an adjustable flow rate, which offers energy savings and allows the pump to operate at maximum efficiency.