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Use aquatic plants carefully. Large cichlids will remove small plants almost as soon as you add them to your tank. Ferns and sword plants are good choices because they have sturdy stems. If you have smaller varieties of cichlids however, you have many more options when it comes to adding aquatic plants to your aquarium because these little fish are less likely to uproot them.

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I am going to join the hobby by getting a 105gl tank full of cichlids. I love the colors and variety of African Cichlid esp, Lake Malawi fish but on the other hand I really want one or two green terror in my tank. I really love the GTs but since i'm planning to fill my tank with electric yellows, frantosas, borleyi and other malawi ones, it seems like a big risk. now is it possible to mix these fish with green terror?

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I have a single sunfish in my african cichlid tank and there are no issues with any of the fish. Your African cichlids won't get along with just any tank mates. Passive community fish like neons, barbs and tetras may look like dinner to your picky cichlids. When selecting tank mates, it's best to stick with other African cichlids that are similar in size. In addition, a group of six to 10 will allow your pets to form and school without overcrowding the tank.

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African cichlids enjoy having hiding places in their tanks. However, these active fish also spend a lot of time rooting around objects and can easily move those that are too lightweight. Large stones, shells and aquarium decorations in the shape of caves are ideal because these cichlids cannot dislodge them from their locations. They also provide necessary hiding spots for your aquatic pets. Natural plants are the best choice for aquascape, because cichlids can effortlessly uproot the plastic kind. As for your choice of substrate, or the material that you will use to cover the bottom of your tank, aquarium pebbles, gravel or sand will provide a floor covering that will simulate your fish's natural tropical lake habitat. These types of substrate also encourage cichlids to root around for food and to spawn.

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After you have found out how many and what types of fish you want to keep you need to know if they are compatible and their different care requirements. This is important because you don't want to end up with a Goldfish in a Cichlid tank because this is not only dangerous to both of the fish but also they have different care requirements.Filtration of the water is as with any fish, there should be enough filters to provide both ample biological and mechanical filtration but also to create surface agitation to maintain gas exchange (O2 in and CO2 out). Malawi cichlids can be messy fish and overcrowding is sometimes necessary so over-filtering a tank is usually a good idea. The variety of filters available is great, however the most popular tend to be HOBs (hang on backs) and canister filters. UGFs (Under Gravel Filters) should be avoided as most Malawi Cichlids are diggers and will most likely expose the UGF plate therefore compromising its filtration efficiency. For much larger tanks a sump may be an attractive option however that is for the owner to decide.