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As with filters, most new aquarium kits come with an aquarium hood or canopy. However, if yours does not, it is an essential purchase. Many freshwater fish jump out of the water every now and again, and the only thing that will keep them from getting out and dying on the floor is a hood or canopy covering their tank.

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Last but not least, glass lids prevent jumpers. If you have a canopy without glass lids, be prepared to find fish on any horizontal surface within the canopy, such as the lamps. Only with a tight fitting glass lid you can successfully prevent jumpers, and only if you had a tank without glass lids will you know just how much fish jump.

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Wood Fish Tank canopy | Thread: Show Off Your Custom Wood Canopies and Stands I have a beautiful cherry finish 130 gallon aquarium equipped with canopy and stand, that I just purchased on January 17, 2005. It is still cycling at the moment and they are no fish in it. Absolutely nothing. Just water. Anyway, mold grows on the lid and trim of my canopy underneath. Lysol says on it's can that is kills spores and stuff like that, so I spray a little bit on a paper towel and wipe the mold away. Then about 3 days later it is back. It is very unattractive, and it doesn't want to go away. The worst yet, the aquarium water isn't even heated, so I'm sure that it will get much worse when the water is warm, because those are the conditions that mold thrives in. There is a long strip in the back of my tank cut out for filters and stuff to go, so there is definatly aeration. What should I do? Thanks for you suggestions.

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This simple glass-made aquarium hood features an elegant yet modest design. Comes with a clear vinyl back strip which can be cut to better fit accessories which you may add to your fish tank. Available in one size only - 19 3/8" by 9 1/2".

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